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Xi 'an home late at night more than a village lock the thief stolen police surveillance

by:Keyable     2020-06-22
According to the guangzhou company understands from customer where the monitoring system, on October 5, a small area many homes stolen overnight, south wild goose pagoda police trying to identify hundreds of hours monitoring lock thief figure and captured it. On October 23, xi 'an wild goose pagoda of public security bureau reported the cross-regional series of theft. Planning in the process of criminal investigation found in xian city other village there was a similar case, case by case and, under the guidance of the municipal public security bureau department, planning and surrounding a large number of surveillance video can be found at the scene of the crime to be obtained quickly check. Through the hundreds of hours of video monitoring carefully screening, police found a man of a major crime suspicion. At the same time, the police found the man jacket arm can place have obvious mark, to wear dark pants, carry a bag. According to this clue, some from all sorts of relevant information, via a lot of work, the man's action was preliminarily determines the trajectory, activity regularity. Through its hideout of a large number of MoPai visit, eventually determine the suspects home. On October 17, civilian police suspect kang arrested in the heart of the city center has a nakamura, and find a surveillance video in the residence in clothes. After the interrogation, the suspect kang to its since September, the wild goose pagoda in xi an Ba bridge area such as multiple district implementation of burglary confessed. The investigation by the police, the suspect has ordered the seven burglary cases. At present, the case is under further scrutiny.
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