With 3 d fingerprinting to secure entrance guard system

by:Keyable     2020-06-26
Entrance guard system existed in the community, and various public building. Modern entrance guard combines person and means of civil air defense, meet the needs of users for access from several aspects. Good entrance guard system allows users to rest assured, unqualified access control allows users to worry about. In some big cities, floating population access control security is particularly important. In the case of shenzhen, shenzhen city nakamura is numerous, distributed in every corner of urban villages is stealing the locations such as civil cases. Village in the city of the so-called entrance guard system, often with a single electronic access control products, rarely with artificial safeguards. Because urban villages and residential district is different, the lack of formal security of human resources. Entrance guard are simplified, this also is a certain threat to the safety of the residents. Entrance guard demand for large users most figure set his mind at to the continuous development of society makes national security more seriously, the user demand for entrance guard also more urgent, entrance guard in the city will play a larger scope. An urgent demand and progress of science and technology, to entrance guard hot products into the growth period. Biometric technologies mature, is to promote the popularization of the fingerprint entrance guard. Entrance guard, as a guard facilities, many households are needed. Entrance guard function not only in terms of protection district channel, what is more important for the creation of a steadfast trust in the heart, let the residents can rest assured home, comfortable home. When it comes to the most main function of entrance guard system, the first is to guard against theft. First of all, the entrance guard system by electronic or mechanical lock locks for the user's area built artificial barrier, prevent outsiders randomly access, ensure the safety of personnel and property in the home. Entrance guard of the second function is to provide convenience, for example, now most of the buildings and residential area of entrance guard in the form of a password or card entrance guard system, and no longer use the old way of keys. Electronic entrance guard system usually adopts the electromagnetic locks or electric mortise lock, with power and electricity to control the switch of the lock, the card or the password is the key to decide whether the electric lock open. For users, access to this form to strengthen the entrance guard system, high level of security. Use password or entrance card entrance guard system, however, does not mean that the user can rest easy. Because of the password may be others see, entrance card can also be lost stolen. If consider these factors, the entrance guard security is still difficult to guarantee. Fingerprint entrance guard system has changed the way of the interaction between user and the access control, fingerprint as authentication credentials. Not only to avoid the risk of entrance guard open tools were stolen, and more convenience in use. The fingerprint entrance guard system in the case of financial security level, such as high use more, but the fingerprint access control is not very far away from our daily life. Fingerprint identification with what other authentication method does not have the safety and convenience, popular in the field of entrance guard is quickening. Limited traditional access control fingerprint entrance guard development at present, our country has already entered an aging population and rapid development period, the elderly population growing. As the increase of age, many older people will appear the phenomenon of memory loss, such as forgot to bring my keys this kind of situation often happen. Home under the condition of the elderly, children often worry about the old man go out of the door is not convenient, worry that didn't have a key to the door. The traditional entrance guard system, because of the need to carry the key or the entrance card, for the elderly and their children can be a lot of pressure, and password access memory to remember the password, can be more difficult for old people. Fingerprint access control is to leave out the trouble keys to carry and storage, convenient for the elderly, children also can rest assured to go out to work. The popularity of fingerprint entrance guard system is closely related to the development of biological recognition technology mature. Fingerprint identification technology emerging in recent years in the field of security technology, fingerprint access control is one of the representative products. More and more closer to ordinary people's life and fingerprint entrance guard, to understand and to distinguish the fingerprint access control products reflected the urgent needs of many users. Fingerprint entrance guard of access control is not a single product category, but according to different fingerprint identification technology, performance, and highlight the alienation on business. Fingerprint identification products, in addition to the entrance guard, the most common is the fingerprint attendance machine, and ordinary users understanding of the fingerprint identification technology is also commonly begins with attendance machine. Currently the most widely use scope of fingerprint identification technology for optical recognition, which is the most simple recognition technology. Optical recognition technology of fingerprint entrance guard system, can play a basic role in safety, to achieve the effect of channel protection. But compared with the latest 3 d living fingerprint identification technology, optical recognition due to technical limitations, slightly lower on security. 3 d fingerprint entrance guard system is more suitable for the place of a higher level of security requirements, such as the financial sector. Ordinary users all the various requirements for fingerprint entrance guard system, summed up in one, is to figure a rest assured. For house property trust, you can rest assured that the safety of the family as well as to the privacy protection of trust. Fingerprint entrance guard system, not only is the patent of buildings, Banks, are also step by step into every family and individual users. Even less facilities perfect urban village residents, also should enjoy better entrance guard system protection. Fingerprint entrance guard system based on 3 d fingerprint identification technology, with the reduction of the cost of the expansion of the popularity, will serve the more ordinary users, let more people can safely home, comfortable home.
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