Wireless networks and the identification is an important part the new entrance guard system

by:Keyable     2020-06-23
With the continuous development of Internet, computer technology and electronic technology, intelligent building more and more get the attention of people. Entrance guard system as an important part of intelligent building, solved the mechanical lock key management and difficulties in registration problems, has been widely applied. Along with the continuous development of entrance guard system, the part of more and more complex, the data quantity is becoming more and more big. The entrance guard system is mainly composed of main body, the electric lock protection, identification method, sensing alarm equipment, processing of controllers, communications lines, and management software. Common entrance guard system is the use of local area network, database, and control system through the communications lines of main body, locks and identity protection control. The researchers at home and abroad in view of the overall architecture of access control system and its components for the study of all kinds of optimization. [ 3] Design a set of entrance guard management system, parking management system, canteen consumption system, attendance management, visitor management system and back-up power system composed of entrance guard system, using the identification in the entrance guard system and process control equipment such as the foundation, implementation of five independent office space discrepancy and consumption records management, in the process of realization of entrance guard card management, enhances the network communication pressure and server storage, processing, so you need to improve the performance of the server hardware and network equipment, this will increase the cost of construction. Wireless networks with network flexible and transformation cost low characteristic, provides a new solution for the entrance guard system optimization. [ 4] Using ZigBee technology to design a set of wireless office entrance guard system in order to reduce the construction of infrastructure investment; [ 5] Using the second generation id card as a door, using ZigBee technology of sensor devices work of acquisition and recognition of the second generation id card information, to establish a set of authorization and positioning function in the integration of access control security systems; [ 6] For the wireless access system design a UHF RFID antenna, with improving the transmission power to decrease the size of the antenna. Due to the poor anti-jamming capability of wireless network, wireless access system deployment scheme is only suitable for small range of application scenarios. Identity is an important part of entrance guard system, it with the user identity judgment and collect information of executed after the corresponding strategy. Compared with passwords and door card, biometric technology can solve the safety hidden danger of authorization information leakage problem. [ 7] Of face recognition mode of biological recognition technology is optimized, the collected facial image content features comparison, improve the efficiency of face recognition. [ 8] On the basis of face recognition to join the movement pattern recognition to enhance the security of entrance guard system; [ 9] The traditional fingerprint identification and controller local area network ( 控制器区域网络,就可以) Bus technology, provides a new solution for intelligent community entrance guard management. Biometric technologies need to store a lot of user information for authorization legality judgment, with the increase of the amount of information, the server storage and processing pressure increase, the enterprise needs to invest to improve server performance. With the continuous development of access control requirements and technology, the function of entrance guard control system demand is higher and higher, the amount of information to be stored is becoming more and more big, this will raise the cost of enterprise for the construction of the entrance guard system. In recent years, with the continuous development of cloud computing technology, based on cloud computing from massive data streams of different types of equipment integration, processing and service has become a hot research topic [ 10] 。 At present, most of the entrance guard system based on security considerations, will be deployed within the local area network (LAN) management services, this is not conducive to the expansion of the entrance guard system service and optimized. In this paper, a kind of encryption type entrance guard system based on cloud services ( 密码访问控制系统基于云,中国商用飞机有限责任公司) , the use of cloud services cost to control and reduce enterprise entrance guard system, between the cloud and access a physical device to join encryption services to improve the security of entrance guard system.
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