Wings brake, brake fault handling methods

by:Keyable     2020-06-21
Pedestrian wings brake, brake, etc of the gate, is currently the most widely used a security access system. Moreover, they use place is extremely broad. As is extremely significant. In normal times, therefore, be sure to do maintenance work. Today, for the wings brake, brake fault problem, let's look at suzhou empty the skill of the introduction of technical personnel to make. Hope that after looking at the introduction, can help in your work. Brake, wing brake fault handling method 1, the channel such as wings brake, brake brake after brush card, swing doors do not open the door, no reaction, or does not open automatically when the power is cut off, check again, driving signal lines are falling, check to see if the mainboard of the drive signal light above have received signal. 2, after the credit card, gate open, but the gate is none. This usually is in the middle of the clip infrared not for good. Before the fixed case, must determine the infrared for good, to open the door closed properly. If there is no good to infrared, electricity, will alarm prompt. Please according to the indicating arrow direction to exercise after a credit card. After 3, channel gate charge, there is a open, there is a don't open. To check the sync line is even better. Guarantee good even later, can't open that a motherboard have received signals, such as no, to check the wiring whether there are falling, insert the plug of the motherboard for good. 4 wings, brake, brake and so on work condition of the brake direction indicator is respectively, the green arrow to the left, point to the right, or Red Cross. Such as direction indicating no reaction, or the direction of the instructions is not correct. Can change to another test, with a good try to exchange. To check the wiring. Wings brake, brake fault handling methods. For this problem is introduced. We from suzhou empty skill technical personnel above introduction also to be able to understand. So our staff friends tell all our customers, in normal times, must make the daily maintenance work, have what problem, contact us in time.
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