Wing gate is forbidden when the choose and buy must pay attention to the material problem

by:Keyable     2020-06-18
Our wing brake when the choose and buy, often from the aspects of quality and wing gate ban price, small make up thought it is not comprehensive, wing brake material also into consideration, the difference between a good wing brake if the material is bad on the security front wing arm is unqualified, below small make up with respect to the wing brake material choosing to talk about why wing brake when the choose and buy to pay attention to the difference of the material. Wing gate is forbidden to choose flexible material wing brake machine commonly known as fast track, wing arm of the open and closed quickly, so the wing brake in the process of using simple present clip people picture, touch the area is small, but the clip person to avoid brake machine damage human body, thus decided to choose flexible data, further strengthen the traffic safety. Wing gate forbidden why not choose the same as the elevator door security maintenance planning wing brake clamps the risk of people hurt, think for safety, many users think of the principle of elevator door security maintenance planning, unable to choose in the wing brake planning. Brake primary effect is to avoid illegal access, if the same as the elevator door, only has the external force to block when closed, page door will open automatically, then the customer can always file a page to let others into the door, lost the entrance guard effect, brake machine. Now in the market place is chosen mostly wing brake flexible data, most businesses use this data for wing sluice shows that don't understand, in order to help you better wing brake of choose and buy, please pay attention to the following points: choose flexible information, even if the clip, wing arm have shortened, guarantee the customer won't hurt; Wing brake material selects high ignition point material, after high temperature objects such as cigarette butts touch not left a significant mark. So, let's wing brake when the choose and buy two aspects of both security and access control, and be short of one cannot. Wing brake manufacturers jaguar shing technology give full consideration to the customer demand, after years of production and research and development, wing brake products quality and safety aspects really let the customer trust, click on the wing brake parameter to check the details.
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