Wing design points of the brake

by:Keyable     2020-06-20
In our current life, wing gate banned, is a widely used security entrance guard system of check on work attendance. In the usual application, wing gate is forbidden, not only can greatly save the security cost, enhance security, more able to cooperate with the entrance guard system, greatly help the company's attendance. Therefore, in the design, wing brake undertook the great expectations. Today, in view of the wing design points of the brake, we take a look at the introduction of suzhou empty skill below. Hope to be able to give you some help. Analytical 1 wing design points of the brake, high running stability; Wing brake design more reliable, to run without a lot of noise, but also practical and durable. Very practical. 2, improve the traffic convenience; Wing of the brake automatic run fast, more convenient traffic smoothness. To ensure the safety of in and out of the staff. 3, wing sluice gate design really; Wing sluice gate used mute design, either by pedestrians, or in the open operation is no sound, the more the noise of the surrounding environment, which saves space. 4, durable performance is high; Wing lock protective sunscreen, etc are design technology, the digital infrared prevent into phenomenon, to avoid the over a number of traffic and cause the crowded situation. 5, there is a new intelligent design; Wing programmable automatic information, effectively save manpower and material used, the more enhanced security identification system. www。 kongdl。 cn【 Brake factory house 】 Wing design points of the brake. In an application of the current. Wing brake, with its excellent functions, stable operation, beautiful appearance. Loved by many customers friends, our suzhou empty technology customers, wing brake order is also increasing. So, if you need to brake, or other brake machine, can contact our staff, they will give you professional solutions.
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