Why is the hard disk of the monitoring system easy to be broken now?

by:Keyable     2021-08-04
Why is the hard disk of the monitoring system easy to break now? The computer cannot be forced to shut down, otherwise it will damage the hard disk-I believe this is the initial perception of many people about the use of computers. In the example shown below, there are multiple forced power-offs, resulting in serious damage to the storage hard disk and difficult recovery. 一.   Then, why does the forced power off cause hard disk data loss?   Generally speaking, the power failure protection of hard disks can be divided into two situations: mechanical hard disks used for large-capacity and low-performance storage requirements, and solid-state hard disks that are rarely used as storage disks due to their high prices. When the mechanical hard disk is damaged, there will often be phenomena such as computer freezes, blue screen, failure to start, and loud rattling noises. 2. Based on this, let's discuss the power failure principle of mechanical hard drives. In 1973, IBM successfully developed a new type of hard disk IBM334. It has several coaxial metal disks coated with magnetic materials. These movable magnetic heads are sealed together in a box. The magnetic heads can be rotated from the The change of the magnetic signal read on the platter-this is the ancestor of the hard disk we use today, and IBM calls it the Winchester hard disk.   Except for SSDs (commonly known as solid state drives), most of the storage devices on the market are Winchester mechanical hard drives. Its working method is similar to a phonograph in a confined space. The difference is that the distance between the magnetic head and the disc is only 10 nanometers. A slight movement of the magnetic head will scratch the disc. Power outages are included in the scope of 'slightly carelessAfter the computer data is lost, the hard disk is damaged.   The previous surveillance systems were all Windows industrial computers. You can directly go to the hard disk directory to delete a specified video. After clearing it, it can indicate that the camera happened to be broken at the time of the incident, which is normal. Now the mainstream surveillance equipment (such as Haikang, Dahua, Univision, etc.) are all embedded operating systems. After the video compression is successful, you cannot delete a certain specified video. You must format the hard disk to delete all the videos. Theoretically, after the format Hard disk data can be recovered. Of course, which video to recover depends on the hard disk's mental awareness.   To put it simply, a very small 'battery' is installed in the hard drive. When the external power supply is cut off, the mechanical hard drive will use the battery's power to move the head to a safe area first to avoid scratching the disc. This first ensures that a sudden power failure will not damage a large amount of data, but will only lose a small part of the data that has not had time to write after the power failure.   Of course, except for accidental power failure, normal aging, distance vibration, falling, and external force damage may cause damage to the internal precision components of the disk and the disk. Once the hard disk is damaged and cannot be read, don't panic. The first thing to do is to stop reading and writing the hard disk to avoid aggravating the hard disk injury. Then, a professional data recovery agency is required to perform 'opening repair'-that is, opening the sealed hard disk for targeted repairs. 3.   Generally speaking, there are the following steps for hard disk repair:     First open the hard disk in a dust-free working environment, replace the damaged head or other parts in the hard disk; secondly, recombine the newly replaced parts and the original parts into the hard disk. And debug the corresponding firmware; then the magnetic field cloning, the complete copy of the information in the damaged hard disk to a new hard disk without damage, this part is the longest time-consuming in the entire data recovery. Depending on the degree of damage to the disc, it can take a few hours to a month; finally, the data is reorganized in the cloned hard disk to extract and rescue the data. The above information is compiled by the Chengdu Security Monitoring System, and the opinions in this article have nothing to do with this site.
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