What types of Chengdu cameras do you know?

by:Keyable     2021-08-01
What types of cameras in Chengdu do you know? Chengdu cameras are used in many fields, and it is not uncommon in public places. Many homes are also equipped with surveillance cameras. No matter what the purpose is, it provides convenience for life and more convenient remote observation. Issues. Although there are endless negative news about surveillance cameras, we have to admit that the existence of surveillance has more advantages than disadvantages, and it provides a lot for life and work in many ways. 1. Electronic police The electronic police are also the so-called electronic eyes. Most of them are rectangular in shape. They are generally set at intersections, so that those who do not follow the traffic rules have nowhere to hide. These will not have any However, they have all been recorded. These replace some of the traffic police’s functions in Chengdu cameras. 2. Mobile speed camera The mobile test camera is a device that has no fixed place. It depends on the needs of the traffic police. The key is the speed measurement function, just like the speed will be measured when the car leaves the line of sight of the lens. , Which makes those speeding can't escape. 3. The illegal parking capture camera will install such a camera in the place where the illegal vehicle is parked. This camera can rotate 360 u200bu200bdegrees like the usual public area camera to capture those illegally parked vehicles. 4. Skynet monitoring is used in detective cases. Although the monitoring here does not have the function of capturing photos, the terminal will be notified if a suspect appears, which is conducive to solving the case. Such various types of cameras need good quality to support its functions, so choosing a surveillance camera is also a science. Beixin Anke has a professional technical team dedicated to high-quality surveillance cameras and continues to develop better services. In social Chengdu camera.
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