What subsystems are included in commonly used intelligent weak current projects?

by:Keyable     2021-08-07
What subsystems are included in commonly used intelligent weak current projects? There are two main types of weak electricity in smart buildings. One type is low-voltage electrical energy such as safety voltage levels and control voltages specified by the state, which can be divided into AC and DC. The other is information sources that contain information such as voice, image, and data, such as information from telephones, televisions, and computers. People are accustomed to calling weak current technologies as weak current technologies. It can be seen that the basic meaning of the weak current technology of intelligent buildings is still the weak current technology in the original sense. However, with the rapid development of modern low-voltage technology, the application of low-current technology in intelligent buildings is becoming more and more extensive. What are the subsystems of the weak current intelligent system in Chengdu weak current project? What are the subsystems of the weak current intelligent system? 1. The integrated wiring system involves the voice and network wiring in the building; 2. The security system video monitoring, security alarm system, patrol system, access control, parking lot management and other subsystems, video monitoring Through the cameras, anti-theft detectors and other equipment installed on the scene, the entrances and exits of the building and some important places are monitored and abnormal situation alarms, etc.; 3. The building automation system is also called the building control system. A variety of detection and execution devices to detect, monitor and control various environmental parameters inside and outside the building and the working status of various equipment in the building (such as air conditioning, water supply and drainage, lighting, power supply and distribution, elevators, etc.), and through the computer The network is connected to various field controllers, and the resources and equipment in the building are reasonably allocated and managed to achieve the purpose of comfort, convenience, saving, and reliability. Chengdu weak current project; 4. Office automation systems are not available in most office buildings and residential buildings; 5. , The background music broadcasting system is sometimes shared with the fire protection system. It plays music through speakers installed at the scene (such as shopping malls, restaurants, guest rooms, corridors, etc.), and can broadcast the scene through a microphone; 6. The communication system voice switch or Number, in most projects, Party A requires the operator to provide; 7. Fire-fighting system, fire-fighting smoke exhaust, alarm, water spray and other systems, and heptafluoropropane gas fire protection may occur in the engineering in the computer room; 8. Cable TV system (CATV) involves the building The CATV cabling system with two-way transmission may have satellite reception and front-end modulation parts; 9. The conference system will have large conference rooms in some buildings, and audio and video design parts need to be done to realize telephones (including three types of fax machines, Video phone, etc.) communication function; 10. The large-screen display system mainly includes the installation and control of LED screens, plasma splicing screens, and DLP large screens; 11. The computer local area network system uses the lines provided by the integrated wiring system to form a network system platform , Is the network foundation for office automation and various data transmission; uses five types (or above) unshielded twisted pair to transmit digital signals, and the transmission rate can reach more than 100Mb/s; 12. The wireless intercom system mainly involves underground Part of the base stations and the relay stations and antennas in the community are set up in the Chengdu weak current project; 13. The three-meter CC system was mainly used in residential buildings before, and used for remote meter reading. With the requirements of green buildings for sub-metering, the current Many office buildings are also in use; 14. The building intercom system is divided into visible and invisible. The system generally only appears in community projects, and there are few in office buildings. 15. The weak current pipeline system includes the reservation and pre-embedding of weak current pipelines and bridge frames. 16. Home intelligent systems mainly appear in residential buildings in communities; 17. Property management systems appear in office buildings or communities for property management purposes, and are generally integrated into the office automation system in Chengdu's weak current project; 18. Hotel management systems are only available in hotels Appears in the project; 19. The video-on-demand system is generally used as an optional part of the hotel project, and it also exists in individual communities and parks; 20. The parking lot charging management system is installed at the entrance and exit The induction coil under the ground senses the entry and exit of vehicles, and realizes toll collection and controls the opening and closing of electric railings through the manual/semi-automatic/full-automatic toll management system. Each entrance and exit is controlled by a controller. The controller can work independently or network with the upper management computer. The wiring structure and transmission medium vary from product to product.
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