What should I pay attention to when installing the access control intercom system?

by:Keyable     2021-07-30
What should I pay attention to when installing the access control intercom system? With the promotion of the development of smart cities, the construction of smart urbanization in my country has emerged. Smart communities are an important part of smart cities. The Chengdu access control system has widely used access control intercom systems, providing owners and visitors with a smarter and more convenient way of passage. , Empowering a smarter life. However, you may not know anything about the access control system except how to use the access control intercom system. The following Chengdu Access Control System will work with you to popularize how to install the access control intercom system! When installing the access control system, we should pay attention to the following three aspects: 1. Anti-electromagnetic interference. Special attention should be paid to anti-electromagnetic interference for card readers and door opening buttons, especially interference problems such as lighting switches, electric typewriters and computers. When conditions permit, the card reader should be installed at a distance of more than 30cm from the high-voltage power supply. 2. Prevent the attenuation of the transmission signal. The installation of the controller should take into account the distance between the controller and the card reader. The ideal transmission distance is within 50m. For signal transmission cables, cable shielding and signal attenuation due to long-distance transmission must be considered. In the pipeline construction process, steel pipes and cable trays should be used, and reliable grounding should be done. 3. Debugging of controller and system software System debugging is a key link to ensure the quality of the access control system. The focus is on the debugging of the controller and the operation of the system software. The debugging process of these two parts must be carried out by the manufacturer at the same time. The function of the controller is that besides the card reader input, the relay linkage output function should be set according to the needs, the time and place of alarm generation and activation such as camera, alarm horn, etc. The installation of access control intercom in the community can greatly improve the personal safety of residents and the safety of vehicle anti-theft, and can greatly prevent intrusion, but there are advantages and disadvantages. Let us take a look below. For residents, if only ordinary traditional access control is installed instead of visual access control, then visitors may pretend to be a classmate, a friend, or a courier company. In this way, the residents may encounter danger without precautions. Therefore, the community contractor Visual access control intercom system can be used to improve the security of residents' access control. Regarding the vehicle access control system, some car owners carelessly put the IC-type access control card in the vehicle instead of carrying it with them, which causes the thieves to get the same card. Therefore, it is recommended to store the car card separately and store the card with you. To improve the security of Chengdu access control system.
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