What should I do if the monitoring power supply fails?

by:Keyable     2021-08-07
What should I do if the monitoring power supply fails? In particular, equipment damages occur from time to time due to power supply errors or instantaneous overvoltages. Therefore, in the system debugging, before power supply, must be carefully and strictly checked and inspected, and should not be taken lightly. In order to facilitate everyone's use, the monitoring company will introduce you to the processing of monitoring power failures. 1. Equipment quality problems. In theory, quality problems may occur in various equipment and components. But from an experience point of view, it is purely a quality problem of the product itself, which mostly occurs in equipment such as decoders, electric pan-tilts, and transmission components. It is worth pointing out that some equipment may not be unusable in terms of quality as a whole, but some technical indicators cannot reach the indicators given in the product manual. Therefore, necessary sampling tests must be carried out on the selected products. If it is a product quality problem, the solution is to replace the product instead of disassembling and repairing by yourself. 2. If the line fault is not handled well, especially the line connected to the equipment is not handled well, there will be problems such as open circuit, short circuit, poor insulation between lines, miswiring, etc., which will cause equipment damage and performance degradation. In this case, you should calmly analyze the fault phenomenon and determine which line connection problems on several lines cause that kind of fault phenomenon. This will narrow the scope of the problem. It is especially worth pointing out that it is common for cameras with pan/tilt to move for a long time due to omni-directional movement, causing the connection to fall off and break. The monitoring company reminds you: The connection of equipment and various lines that must pay special attention to this situation should meet the requirements of long-term operation. The above is related to the handling of monitoring power failures, for reference only. If you have more questions about monitoring, the editor recommends that you consult Chengdu Ruiminle Technology Co., Ltd., the company has accumulated for many years in the security industry and computer system integration. Rich experience, with a full understanding of the characteristics of major brand products, as well as a keen insight into the development of the industry and the market, we will devote ourselves to designing an ideal engineering solution company for you. The company has a capable construction team and has undertaken many large and medium-sized projects. With meticulous work style, skill at ease, and strict construction management system, we strive to build good projects. At the same time, a complete after-sales service system has been established, and considerate after-sales service: 24-hour service phone, available on call; regular inspections, prevent troubles before they occur, and save you from worries in the future. We are convinced that: the road is far away to know the horsepower, and we will see you over time sincere! The company is deeply aware of the laws of market competition.
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