What security systems are involved in the upgrading of old communities?

by:Keyable     2021-08-03
What security systems are involved in the upgrading of old communities? Old communities will inevitably lead to problems such as aging or failure of security infrastructure due to excessive construction time. In addition, the investment in safety management is also limited, resulting in the inability to effectively manage community management and personnel mobility, resulting in residents’ safety. With higher risks and hidden dangers, municipal governments in various regions have successively issued policies and plans to support the transformation of old communities, but how to implement effective transformation and upgrading of old communities, improve the safety management of old communities, and ensure the safety of residents in the communities will become Monitoring and installation of key Chengdu districts. Video surveillance system in old communities with frequent flow of people and vehicles, coupled with imperfect or missing security infrastructure, without the assistance of video surveillance systems, higher security risks, so orderly planning and strengthening the installation of surveillance systems to achieve 24-hour surveillance, can Significantly improve the safety of the community monitoring installation in Chengdu community. According to the 'Guiding Opinions on Comprehensively Promoting the Reconstruction of Old Urban Communities' issued by the General Office of the State Council of the People’s Republic of China, the perimeter prevention system pointed out that in the redevelopment of old communities, in addition to basic security facilities, there are also upgrades involving public service facilities. Construction and its intelligent transformation, for example, intelligent sensing facilities such as community perimeter protection, etc. are all within the scope of intelligent security construction. Chengdu community monitoring and installation. The perimeter prevention system is mainly to install infrared fences and other anti-theft devices on the community walls to prevent illegal overruns. Take infrared fences as an example. Infrared fences use infrared for detection and induction. When a thief enters the guarded area to block the signal, it will immediately alarm. There will be no alarm when a cat, dog, etc. cross. Access management system Due to the high population mobility of old communities, lack or aging of security infrastructure, management confusion, complex personnel, access management has become the most important line of defense and a very important checkpoint. Therefore, the installation of access control systems in old communities can be Effectively manage the monitoring and installation of Chengdu community for entrance and exit personnel. The elevator control system equipped with the elevator control system can effectively control the authority of personnel, prevent outsiders from using the elevator without authority, and realize various functions through reasonable control of the elevator. At present, there are more widely used human faces, fingerprints, swipe cards, and two on the market. Ladder control system such as dimension code and voice. The fire safety of the smart fire protection system is also a key issue that we should consider. Due to the long construction time, weak safety foundation, dense population and accumulation of debris in old communities, the lack of, aging or failure of infrastructure such as fire protection and security is easy to cause. Fire and flammable gas leakage. Once a fire occurs, the fire warning and control cannot be obtained, and the consequences will be disastrous for the monitoring and installation of the Chengdu community.
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