What rules can be found when wiring the cabinet of the weak current project?

by:Keyable     2021-08-03
What rules can be found when wiring the cabinet of the weak current project? Many people think that a cabinet is a cabinet, just a cabinet for storing IT equipment, but this is not the case. The role of a cabinet is much higher than that of a cabinet that only places equipment. The cabinet systematically solves the problems of high-density heat dissipation in computer applications, a large number of cable accessories and management, large-capacity power distribution, and full compatibility with rack-mounted equipment from different manufacturers. The Chengdu Light Current Project enables the data center to operate in a highly stable environment. Although the cabinet only plays an auxiliary role in the integrated wiring system, if the equipment is to be used normally, the auxiliary role is very important. With the vigorous development of the Internet industry and the upgrading of network products such as servers and switches, the cabinet must accommodate more equipment than before. With the continuous increase of equipment, the wiring of the cabinet needs to be carried out in an orderly manner. If the cabling of the cabinet wiring is improperly arranged and the wiring in the system is insufficient, it will not only damage the cables but also seriously hinder the airflow, causing the equipment to overheat and even damage the system. In the Chengdu weak current project, cabinet wiring is particularly important in the weak current project. So when wiring the cabinet, is there any rule that can make the cabinet wiring way get rid of the traditional chaotic phenomenon and become orderly? The following editor will introduce to you. Rule 1. The air conditioning baffle of the cabinet must be opened to prevent the equipment from overheating and causing a crash. Rule 2. Each network cable in the cabinet should be labeled to avoid unnecessary troubles for future maintenance. Rule 3. The switch should be fixed on the top of the cabinet with matching ears to help place the network cable. Rule 4. Paste the asset number of each server, and then print the asset number + barcode through the label printer. Print two copies of the same for each machine, one on the front and the side of the device. Rule 5. Generally, the routing directions of power cords and network cables are different, and each part is tied up with a cable tie. Rule 6. The back end of the network cable connecting the server and the switch should be marked with the same numbered cable tie label, and the label should be the same as the switch port number. Rule 7. When wiring the cabinet, make sure that both ends of the power cord plug and the server power connector are fixed with label ties. Rule 8. The wiring between the cabinet and the cabinet is usually routed from the top of the cabinet. If the cabinet is a switch with internal and external networks, please use two different colors of network cables to distinguish between them. The neat and orderly arrangement of cables inside the cabinet not only brings great convenience to future maintenance, but also allows us to view the inside of the cabinet, and more importantly, enables the equipment to achieve the highest performance.
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