What qualifications are required for installation monitoring? What conditions need to be met?

by:Keyable     2021-08-05
What qualifications are required for installation monitoring? What conditions need to be met? If you need to do some government unit hotels or building properties that need to be connected to the public-security system and other projects, you need to have security construction qualifications. What is the security monitoring construction qualification process? What qualifications are required for installation monitoring? What are the requirements for the third-level qualification of security construction qualification? The editor reminds that without fear of network security issues, security companies need to do the following. 1. What qualifications are required for installation monitoring? Engaged in the design, construction and installation of computer system automation and management systems involving confidentiality, anti-leakage, and operational safety must apply for this qualification before they can engage in design, construction and installation services in this field , Security monitoring involves anti-leakage and monitoring also requires qualifications. This qualification is divided into one, two, and three levels based on corporate funds, performance, technical capabilities, and management status. The second and third levels are handled by the provincial and municipal security associations, the first level is subject to the preliminary review at the provincial and municipal levels, and the China Security Association completes the final review, and the certificate will be issued after the standard is announced. 2. What conditions must be met for the third-level qualification of security construction qualification? (1) Having independent legal personality, registered with the China Administration for Industry and Commerce, with a registered capital of not less than RMB 500,000, or equivalent foreign currency. (2) In the past two years, he has undertaken at least one design and construction project with a contract value of 500,000 yuan (inclusive) or more, or at least 4 safety technical protection design and construction projects with a contract value of more than 300,000 yuan (inclusive) that have passed inspection, acceptance or evaluation. (3) There are no less than 5 professional and technical personnel who have passed the unified examination organized by the China Security Association and have passed the results. There shall be no less than one project cost personnel, who must undergo professional training of national cost personnel and obtain corresponding qualification certificates. Both the legal representative and the professional and technical personnel must have no criminal record. (4) Commit to fulfill and sign the 'Convention on Integrity of Security Enterprises.' (5) There is a fixed working place that can meet the establishment of the enterprise and its business needs, and the working area is not less than 100 square meters. (6) Establish and maintain a quality management system suitable for the characteristics of security engineering. (7) There are no major safety and quality accidents in the projects undertaken in the past two years, and there are complete after-sales service guarantee measures. (8) Handle social insurance for employees in accordance with national regulations. (9) Establish and maintain a safety production management system. Chengdu Surveillance Installation Company--Chengdu Ruiminle Technology Co., Ltd. is a company that integrates Sichuan and Chengdu surveillance system installation and maintenance, monitoring equipment, camera camera installation, home security monitoring, access control systems, weak current engineering, integrated wiring, video surveillance, alarm systems, and anti-theft A multi-faceted technical service company integrating systems and smart homes, to provide you with satisfactory solutions. Welcome to inquire!
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