What problems should be paid attention to during the weak current project

by:Keyable     2021-08-02
What problems should be paid attention to in the process of Chengdu weak current project?  Chengdu weak current project must follow a certain process in order to complete the whole process smoothly and orderly, and this process is extremely complicated. Many people don’t understand this process. The main purpose is to provide you with this prescribed process so that you can complete the work more accurately, safely and effectively when participating in the weak current construction. After all, there is a certain amount of work. Of security risks. 1. System reserved holes and pre-embedded line pipes are coordinated with civil engineering in the underground engineering at the early stage of civil construction of the building, which involves the reservation of slot holes in the integrated wiring system and the pre-embedding of system line management such as fire protection and security. Therefore, When dealing with the “dug digging” stage of the underground part of the building, we should cooperate with the architectural design institute to improve the supplementary design of the weak current construction drawing of the underground layer of the building, the main building part and the pre-embedded weak current construction drawing to ensure the smooth completion of the civil engineering. Weak current project. 2. Cooperate with the construction of the trunking frame and civil engineering, various weak current systems, etc. The installation and construction of the trunking frame of the weak current system will be carried out simultaneously with the installation of other management channels (air ducts, water supply and drainage pipes) after the civil works are basically completed. It can also be a little later than the pipeline installation (approximately 15 working days), but the reasonable placement of the weak current system trunking frame and the pipeline must be solved in the design and cooperate with the Chengdu weak current project. 3. Coordination of central control outdoor layout with civil engineering and decoration projects. The decoration of the central control room should be synchronized with the overall decoration project. Before the central control room is basically decorated, the central control console and server/monitoring computer should be positioned. Pay special attention to the door locks of the central control room and the wiring closet! 4. Positioning, installation, and terminal wiring of the weak current system equipment. The location, installation, and terminal connection of the on-site installation equipment of the weak current system shall be closely coordinated with the decoration project. 5. Debugging of the weak current system We basically carry out the debugging of the weak current system after the equipment is installed. The debugging cycle of the entire weak current system takes about 30 days. 6. Acceptance of the weak current system For the acceptance of the weak current system, our company recommends that the system acceptance should be carried out after the respective systems have been successfully debugged and the corresponding functions and performance tests have passed the demonstration. After the completion of the acceptance documents of the entire weak current system and the normal operation of the system for one month, the completion and settlement of the Chengdu weak current project will be organized.
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