What principles should be followed in the design of anti-theft system

by:Keyable     2021-08-01
What principles should the design of the anti-theft system follow? At present, with the development of economy, people are paying more and more attention to safety precautions, and many measures have been taken to protect the safety of life and property. The previous method is to install anti-theft nets, but there are also disadvantages such as hindering the appearance, criminals are easy to find and hide, and can not effectively prevent the intrusion of bad guys. In particular, how to prevent a large-area courtyard wall from crossing over is a problem. At present, all regions of the country are rapidly developing modern intelligent anti-theft activities, and higher requirements are put forward for the security prevention system and monitoring system. Many of these units with courtyard walls are mostly located in the suburbs. When there are few people active during the day or night around the factory, criminals can easily enter through the walls to commit crimes. In order to minimize the accidental losses that should occur, a set is required. Dedicated security equipment and operators come to maintain and manage the property safety of the plant from any infringement to the Chengdu anti-theft system. The following principles are followed in the design of Chengdu anti-theft system: 1. The equipment, technology, system management and application software provided by the advanced guarantee are the mainstream products in the market at present, occupying a large user market in the corresponding application field, and in related safety Chengdu anti-theft system is at the leading domestic level in terms of prevention technology. 2. Practicability    must ensure that the system is applicable, practical and convenient, the system design must be scientific and reasonable, have a good performance-to-price ratio, and the topology and technology conform to the characteristics of the entire networked anti-theft alarm system. 3. Stability    The alarm center networking solution provided by Chengdu Anti-theft System, as well as the products and software provided, have 2 or more cases in which they are operating stably. The products provided can run stably for a long time, and will never let go of any suspicious situations while reducing the false alarm rate. 4. Expandable    Chengdu anti-theft system, which has a certain development space. In terms of anti-theft alarm equipment and software, it has good expandability and upgradeable functions. The system can be adjusted and expanded as necessary according to the specific conditions and needs of the district, and the existing investment can be protected to the greatest extent when the networked alarm center is fully upgraded.
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