What matters should be paid attention to when installing elevator monitoring bridge?

by:Keyable     2021-08-05
What matters should be paid attention to when installing elevator monitoring bridge? Elevators are a complex enclosed environment, and the currently developed wireless monitoring has become the first choice for elevator monitoring applications. The wireless bridge is a transmission device in wireless monitoring, which is easy to install and low in cost. But in the actual elevator monitoring installation process, there will be many problems, here are a few points, I hope to help you in the actual installation. Pit 1: Enter blindly? 1. Elevators are special equipment and have certain dangers. Do not enter the site blindly. 2. Before installation, we need to go to the property to understand the wiring of the elevator and monitoring on site. Contact the elevator maintenance personnel first, and external personnel must be led by the elevator maintenance personnel before entering the site (elevator operators are required to hold a special operation certificate issued by the State Administration of Work Safety before they can work). Pit 2: How to solve the problem of bridge power supply? Different elevator brands have different structures, and the configurations of the top and bottom of the car are also different. The power supply of the elevator car top of the renovation project is very likely to be occupied by the camera. Where does the network bridge get electricity from? During the survey, pay attention to whether the top of the car is a power strip. If there is no power strip, you need to prepare a power strip for easy access to electricity. Pit 3: Where is the bridge installed? Please try to avoid obstructions as much as possible when selecting the installation point of the network bridge, especially metal materials will affect the signal. The net bridge on the top of the elevator car can be installed on the uppermost railing; the other one can be installed in the foundation pit? It is possible that water will accumulate in the foundation pit, which will affect the signal transmission of the bridge, so fixing it on the wall of the elevator shaft is the best method. Pit 4: What is the fixed bridge? How to fix the bridge at the top or bottom of the elevator shaft? When the bridge leaves the factory, most of the manufacturer’s accessories only contain hoops or cable ties, and there is no bracket, so don’t forget to buy a bracket! The hoops and ties should also be held tightly when securing the bridge. Chengdu monitoring installation--Chengdu Ruiminle Technology Co., Ltd. is a company integrating Sichuan and Chengdu monitoring system installation and maintenance, monitoring equipment, camera camera installation, home security monitoring, access control system, weak current engineering, integrated wiring, video monitoring, alarm system, anti-theft system , Smart home as a multi-faceted technical service company, to provide you with satisfactory solutions. Welcome to inquire!
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