What kind of gate area suitable for installation

by:Keyable     2020-06-24
What kind of gate area suitable for installation? Now there is a gate type on the market have a lot of, some price is quite expensive, some price is cheaper. But in order to strengthen the safety of the community, we should choose what kind of gate is better? Known as guangzhou brake vendors would remind you that the different types of brake machine in the process of concrete with different requirements. To this, we now and everybody detailed introduction this knowledge, hope to be of service. Brake machine is suitable for installation in where? 1, where three roller brake is suitable for use? Three roll brake is a kind of applied to public traffic is bigger, is not suitable for those with a non-motor vehicle traffic demand. Due to the three roller gates is a kind of channel width is not very large, appearance is also very single, so the price of the equipment is relatively cheap, to use the device in the village is a good choice. 2, the second wing brake is mainly used in some high to the requirement of appearance, some high-end occasions, wing brake should not be used as a single, must be composed of two or more than two channels, the passage made up of two sets of wings gate is 550 mm, generally also can only, if in a wheelchair or baggage can also be used in addition a long telescopic soft brake, like to lyzjc gate pass personnel can push the wheelchair and big luggage, wing brake because of its convenience and fashion are sought after by the masses of customers. The price in three relatively neutral, because its price relative to three roller gates to double. Place gate 3, moreover, pendulum brake is mainly used in some area or factory to anybody and non-motor vehicles, and the advantage of the swing gate is that its channel width is more wide, the biggest can reach 1800 mm, very suitable for community or the door of the factory do the narrow place, in order to save place and traffic safety, a doorway into the channel and non-motor vehicles, motor vehicles put brake relative to three roller gates and wing brake you feel pendulum brake is the most likely place for the community or factory, but otherwise the pendulum brake for the space of the swing arm is larger, so the run time relative to the other two relatively slowly, the repair rate and the three roll brake brake wing relative swing gate will be higher. Without the guard probation, community, factories, construction site such as safe protection, empty the whole high rotating brake technology recommended in suzhou. 1, the overall height can prevent personnel rotation gate is the biggest advantage of jumping, climbing, escape, and the following, such as the high brake maximum height is 2600 mm, up to a maximum of 550 mm, the channel height equivalent to a full high gate the height of the wall, so in the absence of the guard or personnel guards full high brake can be a good choice, high brake channel width and all three have the same roller brake brake wing is 550 mm, full high brake can also achieve effective passage through credit card or fingerprints. 2, followed by a more high-grade block brake, mainly for the wing brake and pendulum brake upgrade, took wing brake and the advantage of the pendulum brake, brake block is mainly used in high-grade office buildings or high-end entertainment venues, the cover of the brake arm can be raised to 800 mm, largest block slice for transparency, does not affect the guests can visit the outside to the inside of the effect, the wing brake and brake relatively, the biggest difference between the brake block is the personnel shall not by climbing to the other side. Its appearance is one of the most high-end models. Brake machine is suitable for installation in where? Above is the suzhou empty skill technicians make detailed introduction. If customers friend: are there any other problems, communicating with our staff, they will give you professional solutions.
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