What is the wiring of the security system?

by:Keyable     2021-07-30
What is the wiring of the security system? Chengdu Security can be understood as an abbreviation of 'safety precaution'. According to the interpretation of the current Chinese dictionary, the so-called safety means that there is no danger, infringement, and no accident; the so-called prevention means guarding and guarding, and guarding means being prepared to deal with an attack or avoiding harm, and guarding means guarding and protecting . Based on the above explanation, we can define security as follows: prepare and protect to deal with attacks or avoid being victimized, so that the protected object is in a safe state where there is no danger, no infringement, and no accident. Obviously, safety is the goal, prevention is the means, and achieving or realizing the goal of safety by means of prevention is the basic connotation of safety prevention. 1. The specifications, routing and location of the cables should comply with the design regulations. The arrangement of the cables must be neat and beautiful, and the outer skin should not damage Chengdu Security. 2. The contacts and solder joints are reliable, and the connectors are firm to ensure effective signal transmission. Try to use the entire length of wire to avoid transfer; if the actual length is longer than the total length of the cable, you should ensure that the multi-segment cable is indirect and reliable. 3. The cables should have a serial number, and the label on the head of the cable should be correct and complete, with clear writing, and not easy to erase. The number should be consistent with the drawing, and the name, specification and point of the cable should be able to be found from the drawing according to the number. 4. Wiring should make full use of the trenches, bridges and pipes of the bureau to simplify wiring. Bu Ming line is not recommended. If it is not, it should be concealed and beautiful, and the maximum position should be reserved for the original space to facilitate the installation of other equipment in the future. It is best to use PVC decorative trunking for the wall 1-2 wiring; suitable trunking or conduit should be used for the wiring on the ground or near the equipment to ensure safety and reliability. 5. Cables laid in trenches and bridges must be bundled, and the bundled cables should be close to each other. The appearance is straight and neat, the cable ties are evenly spaced, and the tightness is adapted, as far as possible to keep the style of the original wiring consistent; laid under the raised floor The wiring to the ceiling L should be placed in a slot (tube) of flame-retardant material, as straight as possible, and less crossed. 6. The wire materials used in the security monitoring system should use flame-retardant materials; insulation should be selected according to the on-site environmental conditions. PI-il, anti-interference-IIIii, anti-corrosion performance, etc. all meet the requirements of the cable; for the signal line that is susceptible to electromagnetic interference, shielded wire should be used, and the correct grounding of the shielding layer should be paid attention to when installing. 7. Signal wires and power wires should be laid separately; signal wires should be as far away as possible from equipment or cables that are prone to electromagnetic interference. 8. When installing an outdoor overhead line, take necessary lightning protection measures at the equipment end; make sure that the grounding is good when installing a lightning arrester.
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