What is the entrance guard system? Guangzhou entrance guard system classification have?

by:Keyable     2020-06-24
Entrance guard system is to control system, inward and outward channels involved in electronics, machinery, communications, and many other fields. In this paper, the distribution of patent document for entrance guard system and entrance guard system of technology improvement were analyzed, and the further improvement of entrance guard system for the future and to provide the reference of the relevant patent examination. Technical overview of the entrance guard system access control video system includes three stages of development. The traditional mechanical locks using the key lock, easy to open, and easy to lost keys. But then came the magcard locks, trick lock, the card lock information easy to copy, failure rate is high, the combination lock password easy to leak, safety coefficient is low. In recent years, with the induction card technology, the development of biological recognition technology, the non-contact rf entrance guard system, fingerprint entrance guard system, face recognition entrance guard system and technology system. The existing entrance guard system main components: identification sensor detection unit, unit, control unit, the electric lock execution unit, line, background management unit and communication unit. The basic process is the sensor detection unit receives or detection to manipulate the request of the entrance guard; Identification unit through various identification methods for traffic personnel/items/identified and confirmed the identity of a vehicle; The control unit to deal with all kinds of access request and make judgment and response; Electric lock control instruction executed unit, realize the lock or refused operation, background management units can be statistics and analysis of the entrance guard of entrance guard system in and out record and relevant parameters Settings. 1 entrance guard system identification in CNABS repository with keywords & other; Password or key & throughout; 、“ Non-contact rf o r or RFID” 、“ Qr code or barcode or barcode & throughout; 、“ Biological & throughout; 、“ Fingerprint & throughout; Throughout, iris &; 、“ The face or facial & throughout; 、“ Vein & throughout; 、“ Sound or voice print or sound waves & throughout; 、“ Palmprint & throughout; With & other; Entrance guard & throughout; Search, can get 1042, 1683, 377, 280, 1095, 218, 741, 139, 515, 68, as a result, it can be seen that the password and the rf card and fingerprint lock is currently the most widely used in the field of identification, and facial recognition technology, voice recognition technology, qr code scanning technology is becoming more and more attention in the field of entrance guard, and iris, vein, palmprint are related to other forms of biological recognition of the preliminary stage of development. 2 entrance guard system communication mode in CNABS to keywords & other; Entrance guard & throughout; The 8689 results in part H class Numbers under article 2194. And 1676 of the 2194 results result is in the H04 ( Electrical communication technology) Under. Entrance guard system in electrical communication technology improvement is more, in 8689 applications, involving & other; Telephone calls or the or on the phone or mobile phone & throughout; Apply for 1831 pieces, involving & throughout; Video or visual or intercom & throughout; Application of 1958 pieces. Involving & other; SMS or short message & throughout; Throughout 461, involved &; Bluetooth & throughout; 412 pieces, involving & other; WIFI” 426 pieces, you can see, the most widely the application of the entrance guard system communication mode or a phone and video images, but new bluetooth and WIFI has got preliminary development and research. Entrance guard system has additional features three entrance guard system is not limited to the single gateway control, and more and more as a supplement to management functions, such as: attendance management, visitor management, security alarm, building automation, etc. , can also be integrated with other system control and other control functions. In CNABS & other; Entrance guard & throughout; Retrieval of 8689 applications, involving & other; Attendance & throughout; Apply for 528 pieces. In addition, the entrance guard system also often and household appliances or indoor automation equipment automatic control link in together, for example, opened the door automatically turn on the light, air conditioning and so on. In recent years also appeared the entrance guard system & other; One cartoon & throughout; Technology, access control, attendance, consumption would merge to card, convenient use and management. The structure of the entrance guard system is not complicated, but practical, market demand is very big. Although there are many patents of entrance guard system was improved, the application areas of entrance guard system is becoming more and more widely, however, are also constantly improve, the requirements of the entrance guard system in such aspects as safety, convenience, functional sex there is a very big development space, put forward some new techniques, such as iris entrance guard, WIFI access control technology is not mature enough, entrance guard system, and other technology in the field of technology integration is an important direction of development of entrance guard system in the future.
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