What is a home video surveillance system?

by:Keyable     2021-08-07
What is a home video surveillance system? The video surveillance system is an important part of the security technical defense system. It is an advanced and comprehensive system with strong defense capabilities. It can directly watch all the conditions of the monitored site through the remote control camera and its auxiliary equipment. 1. Remote monitoring system The remote transmission monitoring system can be connected through standard telephone lines, broadband and ISDN data lines or directly. Ordinary telephone lines transmit audio and video images at a speed of 15fps. This system has all the advantages you need. It allows simultaneous monitoring of six places and provides instantaneous video alarm verification. It is an economical remote transmission monitoring system that saves manpower, material resources and time. 2. During the period from when the intelligent tracking target object enters the line of sight of the intelligent tracking dome machine until it leaves, all the actions of the object are clearly transmitted to the monitoring duty center, which provides reliable evidence for the dispatch of the duty center. 3. 360° panoramic shooting. The 360-degree panoramic camera can monitor about 400 square meters without blind spots. It is equipped with a fish-eye lens and has a 360-degree panoramic view. One 360-degree panoramic camera can replace multiple ordinary cameras, achieve seamless monitoring, and realize new monitoring applications, which are used in various fields, including prisons, government agencies, banks, social security, public places, cultural places, etc. . Chengdu monitoring installation--Chengdu Ruiminle Technology Co., Ltd. is a company integrating Sichuan and Chengdu monitoring system installation and maintenance, monitoring equipment, camera camera installation, home security monitoring, access control system, weak current engineering, integrated wiring, video monitoring, alarm system, anti-theft system , Smart home as one of the multi-faceted technical service company, to provide you with satisfactory solutions. Welcome to inquire!
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