What exactly is the corridor mode of surveillance cameras?

by:Keyable     2021-08-05
What exactly is the corridor mode of surveillance cameras? At this stage, when everyone is buying a surveillance camera, you should find that the manufacturer will mention it very intimately when introducing the camera: 'The camera supports the corridor mode.' The corridor mode is also slowly spreading at this time. So what exactly is the corridor mode, and under what circumstances can we use the corridor mode? In fact, the corridor mode is like when we usually take pictures, sometimes we find that we can't completely put the characters in the picture. At this moment, the witty friends will turn their phones sideways to take pictures. In the same way, when the camera is installed in the corridor to photograph the scene of the alleys, it is found that the entire environment cannot be fully photographed. At this moment, the corridor mode is working. In the monitoring of narrow and long area scenes such as corridors, subway tunnels, and platforms, the key supervision point is often the area centered on the aisle. For the monitoring of these scenes, if an ordinary high-definition camera is used, because the image ratio is 16:9, the actual viewing range will be very wide, containing a lot of useless information, and the effective monitoring range is often only 40% of the full screen. At this time, if the 9:16 corridor mode is adopted, the image is narrow and long, which can greatly increase the effective monitoring range, which is also known as the corridor mode. The overall solution for monitoring the front and back end supporting corridor mode is very easy to use and feasible. In the actual project, after the equipment is installed, the user only needs to log in to the distribution NVR and enter [Main Menu]→[Channel Configuration]→[Image Configuration], and the conventional IPC image can be set to 9:16 corridor mode. The NVR preview interface can choose 3, 5, and 7 split screens with 9:16 ratio panes; at the same time, during the playback preview, you can also select corridor playback to present the playback screen in a 9:16 ratio. Cameras that should be used when monitoring indoor and outdoor decoration: 1. Environments with better indoor decorations, such as indoor coffee shops, boutiques, hotels, etc., with better decorations. For aesthetics, hemispheric cameras should be considered, which looks more beautiful. . 2. Places with special indoor environment. Although some grain and oil stores, hardware stores, hot pot shops and other environments are also indoors, you have to choose a gun camera, which can effectively prevent dust, water vapor, oil smoke, etc. from entering the machine and affecting the use of the machine . 3. Outdoor environment For the outdoor environment, of course, the box camera and dome camera can more highlight its powerful defense function, and it can ensure its normal function operation in windy and rainy days. 4. How to choose a monitoring power supply: I personally recommend that you use a sufficient power supply for any machine. The price is a bit high, but this type of power supply is stable and rarely has after-sales problems. 5. Camera angle problem: After the camera produces images, pay attention to the machine's irradiation angle. Some customers look very well during the day after installation, but at night, the picture will be dark, half white and generally black, and the middle will be bright and surrounded by black. These are all related to the angle. We should avoid raising the lens during installation. Too high, the wall-mounted machine should not have more than 1/4 of the white wall appearing in the screen, and the lens should be selected appropriately (for example, 3.6mm and 4mm irradiate 6-8 meters, 6mm is suitable for 12-14 meters, 8mm is suitable for 20 -30 meters distance), if you really can’t remember how to choose the lens, here is a simple way to teach you that the number of millimeters of the lens is multiplied by 2 to choose, and then specific analysis according to the specific environmental problems. The front-end part is generally installed in this way and the effect is not bad. The above information is organized by Chengdu Monitoring Installation, and the opinions in this article have nothing to do with this site.
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