What are the several advantages of the security monitoring and alarm system?

by:Keyable     2021-08-01
What are the advantages of the security monitoring and alarm system? What are the advantages of the security monitoring and alarm system? In order to help everyone gain a comprehensive understanding, let us take a look at the relevant content of the Chengdu alarm system below, presumably everyone I will love it. 1. Immediately confirm whether it is really a police situation while calling the police 2. Avoid frontal contact with criminals by security personnel to ensure personal safety. Chengdu alarm system 3. It can call the police without disturbing the criminals and catch the criminals in the urn 4. Less use is available Security personnel to achieve multi-point security monitoring Chengdu alarm system 5. Industrial robot vision system Some industrial robots require access to the inside of the equipment for maintenance and measurement, and the images inside the equipment need to be transmitted to the outside for monitoring and remote control, such as oil pipelines Welding seam inspection robots, engine endoscopic robots, EOD robots, etc., can all use wireless audio and image transmission systems to implement the Chengdu alarm system. 6. If you want to take an overview of a city in the aerial viewfinder system, aerial photography is often the best choice, but the cost of renting a helicopter for aerial photography is also quite expensive. If you use an aerial model to shoot, the cost will be greatly reduced. As long as the load of the model aircraft is sufficient, install the camera or camera on the model, leave the model in the designated airspace, and then start the camera or camera remotely. Here you need a viewfinder system. If there is no image angle and angle captured by the viewfinder system, The effect may be difficult to determine. The image seen by the camera is transmitted to the ground through a high-power wireless audio-visual transmission device. If the image is satisfactory, the camera or camera can be activated for shooting at any time. 7. Unannounced news visits from TV stations News unannounced visits can often directly reflect the dark side of society. The news clues interviewed are very convincing and shocking. Therefore, such news programs are constantly increasing. The use of wireless audio-visual equipment can wirelessly transmit the pictures taken by reporters. Go to the car to monitor and video. This solution has two advantages: First, the transmitter is small and easy to hide, and will not be discovered by the interviewee. The interviewee has no mental burden and can often speak his heart. Second, some interview missions are inherently dangerous. If the interviewee suspects during the interview, it will often lead to siege and beating. At this time, the command vehicle can promptly contact the police for rescue and clear the Chengdu alarm system.
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