What are the intelligent three roll gate management advantage

by:Keyable     2020-06-20
Three roller gates, especially intelligent three roller gates, it is very common in daily application. And, most of the time, we choose intelligent three roller gates, as also is to make people management, recognition and simpler. Security is more effective. Today, in view of the intelligent management advantages of three roller brake problems. We take a look at suzhou empty the introduction of technology and technical personnel. Hope to be able to give you some help. Intelligent three stick gate management system was formed after years of research and development and high security, high reliability, flexible control system, its advantage lies in: ( 1) High-quality products: intelligent three rod brake is carefully developed high quality products, reasonable structure, stable operation and reliable, beautiful appearance generous, full range. ( 2) Contactless smart IC card technology, intelligent management system USES three roll gate contactless smart IC card technology, successfully solved the IC card holders, confidentiality, no wear, easy to operate, and other issues. System base development, from the IC card read-write machine to application software, are developed by oneself, greatly improving the practicability of the system. ( 3) Convenient: card reader to the IC card ( Non-contact) 0, speaking, reading and writing is convenient, quick, reading and writing time. 1 second. ( 4) Expansion convenient: adopt RS485 bus communication, so the expansion is convenient. When installed three roller brake control system, according to the need, if must increase the number of channels, hardware must increase accordingly, speaking, reading and writing, and only three stick brake, the software can be set up on the new equipment. ( 5) Not only can run offline: intelligent three roll gate and computer networking operation, but also can work offline. Intelligent three roller gates, according to the parameters of the system to download automatically determine the validity of the IC card, and the effective information recorded, stored in memory. What are the intelligent three roll gate management advantage. For this problem, we from suzhou empty skill in the introduction of technical personnel above also know some. Empty, is suzhou suzhou professional brake machine manufacturers. Professional research and development, production, sales, three roller gates, wing brake, brake brake machine, etc. Has a wealth of experience. So, if you want to learn more, or want to install brake machine, you can contact our staff.
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