What are the functions of school monitoring installation?

by:Keyable     2021-08-06
What are the functions of school monitoring installation? 1. The surveillance picture must be clear. The campus weak current video surveillance system requires that the resolution of the surveillance video image is at least D1 or megapixels and above. In particular, the surveillance video needs to see the details of the surveillance object clearly to improve the accuracy and efficiency of forensics, and Expansion to other business applications and management applications through clear video, school monitoring installation. 2. Video surveillance system linkage alarms to facilitate timely emergency alarms. School monitoring installations must have motion detection functions. It can set reasonable detection and alarm strategies for the special requirements of different regions and time periods, and upload the alarms to the The network monitoring center will automatically switch the image to the scene at the same time, send out an alarm signal, and automatically record, automatically send emails and upload real-time video files, etc., so that emergency measures can be taken in time. For example, when campus violence occurs or human judgment may occur, each operator can actively send out an alarm trigger signal to remind security personnel to quickly rush to the scene; at the same time, emergency alarm buttons can be installed in key monitoring areas and security rooms to manually trigger the emergency Press the button to report to the alarm center to prompt police to be in place in time to prevent or stop school violence.  3. Setting up all-weather monitoring functions to strengthen post-event forensics    During students' school, all monitoring points need to be recorded and based on actual needs, so it is necessary to set up all-weather monitoring functions. Set up different recording strategies such as all-weather recording and trigger recording to facilitate proactive proof in case of accident or personal injury; during winter and summer vacations, corresponding recording strategies should be set according to the openness and safety level requirements of different areas. School monitoring and installation.
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