What are the features of guangzhou new subway entrance guard system

by:Keyable     2020-06-17
Through the analysis of the characteristics of the subway station passenger flow, from the root to solve congestion platform the unsafe factors, introducing a new door & ndash; — Isolation gate, the isolation door design, partition, will train platform, get on the bus, get off the bus passengers for space, solve the problem of getting congestion, controlling. Isolation door opening and closing time for automatic control, to ensure the train arrive station time isolation door open, passengers can enter the waiting area, and the train station, single-chip microcomputer control isolation door closed, which make the train stop time shortest and passengers - and later to the passengers with isolation door closed not accelerating rushed into the train so as to avoid the occurrence of danger and confusion. Out of the car parts to join the one-way revolving door, ensure the car speed, and make late ( Not into the isolation door) Passengers can't through the door into the carriage, for getting more order, avoid the happening of the risk. To modify the doors, in the original clip prevention system to add infrared clamp and strip infrared correlation system, the maximum detection door in an emergency of foreign bodies, and respond. Clamp, alarm device is installed on the doors in the event of people that will call the police, cause the attention of the staff and passengers, crew and platform to handle in time. In the car for the doors to install special cameras, the train control room ( Car) To install a monitor, once the doors clip ( Or things) , while out in alarm, automatic trigger cameras work recently, to provide the most accurate information directly to the flight attendants, for the first time for processing. Guangzhou metro entrance guard system with the characteristics of innovation ( 1) Introduced & other; Isolation of shunt & throughout; Thought, it exists, to a certain extent, can effectively solve the subway platform waiting congestion mess, not only make the subway platform more orderly, also assisted the doors to reduce the occurrence of the incident, increased the subway operation efficiency, enhance the safety factor of the subway, ( 2) This system to the design of isolation door partition and the introduction of the one-way revolving door or sleek, put an end to night to passengers get shock train door, reduce the occurrence of danger; ( 3) Isolation door on intelligent switch system can maximize the coordination with the subway fast and convenient features, on a train to confirm safety and start after opened the door of isolation let into the next wave of passengers waiting time, so the next train is ( 10 seconds) Shut down as it approached the station isolation gate, will be late to passengers and bus passengers, separated, avoid congestion at the same time will not affect the normal operation of the train speed; ( 4) The doors of the infrared control clamp and strip infrared correlation system double safeguard the personal safety and property safety; ( 5) The doors get someone (when closing Or things) Automatically when the bounce off also assisted the infrared clamp and strip infrared correlation system, at the same time to ensure personal safety and property safety; ( 6) The doors open automatically installed when automatic bounce off camera, at the same time feedback to train control ( Train head) , let the crew immediately intuitive clear understanding of events, to make the most appropriate emergency response decision, maximum extent to ensure the safety of passengers, and in this time period due to the effect of blocking of the isolation door won't be new passengers into the door incident, to ensure the efficiency of the train operation, do the responsible for each passenger's life safety.
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