What are the domestic brake machine brand? Choice of standard to share

by:Keyable     2020-06-17
Channel gate with its intelligent character in senior community, intelligent building, hotel, subway, wharf, the club is widely used in public places, such as active way brake function is useful to help staff relieve work pressure, also ensure the traffic safety. What are the domestic brake machine brand? Mainly see the identity of the supplier qualification. Big brand advantage lies in its rich industry experience and stable product performance, including its design idea and professional attitude. Small brands the advantage of flexible mode and low price. Speed gate is characterized by the use of high frequency of use, the demand is higher, to the stability of the equipment and service for the late request is extremely high, the need to invest a lot of brand resources, makes market customer support. Let's look at the primary advantage of active way brake machine, can help us in the choose and buy when the point on the following function value: 1, the new intelligent brake machine design; Automatic brake machine automatic information programming, save manpower and material in effective use, but also improves the safety performance of the recognition system. 2, brake machine running high safety; This is the first e to consider any product design elements, also reflects the humanized design concept. 3, gate valve design innovation; Automatic entrance gate of the brake machine adopts the mute design, either by pedestrians, or in the open operation is no sound, more surrounding environment saves space noise annoyance. 4, brake machine convenient traffic humanization; Automatic brake machine automatic door run quickly, before the induction time, sensor location and used in the aspects such as induction distance based on the public to make the corresponding rules, not only guarantee the convenient traffic flow, and to ensure the safety of in and out of the staff. 5, brake machine durable performance skill; Automatic way brake machine is prevented bask in from the cold for design of science and technology, etc are used in digital infrared prevent into phenomenon, to avoid the over a number of traffic and cause the crowded situation. 6, high brake machine system stability; After the unique l for safety guarantee products to consider the overall movement and the stability of control system, only the stability of the system can guarantee the normal machine operation. The stability of the system also ensures automatic brake machine running noise. The gate now each big the increasingly extensive application in the industry, the development of science and technology on also has the effect of alternative imagination and actual effect. Automatic brake machine of outstanding performance, has showed in the design and use of significant features.
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