What are the classifications of weak current intelligence

by:Keyable     2021-08-02
Introduction to weak current intelligence: There are two main types of weak current in smart buildings: one is low-voltage power such as safety voltage levels and control voltages specified by the state. There are AC and DC, AC below 36V, DC below 24V, such as 24V DC Control power supply, or backup power supply for emergency lighting; the other is the information source carrying voice, image, data and other information, such as telephone, television, computer information. It has the characteristics of low voltage, low current, low power, and high frequency. The main consideration in application is information transmission, that is, the fidelity, speed, breadth and reliability of information transmission. The classification of weak current intelligence: 1. Intelligent integration system (IIS) intelligent integration system 2. Information facility system (ITSI) information technology system infrastructure 3. Information technology application system (ITAS) information technology application system 4. Building equipment management system ( BMS) building management system 5, public security system (PSS) public security system 6, and computer room engineering (EEEP) engineering of electronic equipment plant. Each category above includes different subsystems. According to the type and function of the building, the sub-systems included in the weak current intelligent system are different. Common 30 weak current intelligent systems include: closed-circuit television monitoring system, anti-theft alarm system, access control system, electronic patrol system, parking lot management system, visual intercom system, home intelligent system and security system, background music system, LED display system, plasma splicing screen system, DLP large screen system, three-meter CC system, building automation system, lightning protection and grounding system, paging intercom and professional intercom system, weak current pipeline system, UPS uninterruptible power supply system, Computer room system, integrated wiring system, computer local area network system, property management system, multifunctional conference room system, cable TV system, satellite TV system, satellite communication system, fire fighting system, telephone communication system, hotel management system, video on demand system, human resources Management system, etc.
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