What are the classification of guangzhou intelligent entrance guard system?

by:Keyable     2020-06-17
Intelligent entrance guard system is a set of microcomputer automatic identification technology and modern safety management measures for the integration of new modern safety management system, is an important department of inward and outward to solve effective measures of implementing safety management. So what's the classification of the intelligent entrance guard system? Guangzhou monitoring system of the company's web site below small make up intelligent entrance guard system on the basis of simple introduction. 1 according to in and out of the identification methods of classification. Password identification by examining the input password is correct to identify the in and out of the authority. This kind of product is divided into two kinds: one kind is ordinary, one kind is out-of-order keyboard type. Ordinary has the advantage of convenient operation, do not need to carry a card, and the cost is low. The disadvantage is that passwords can only accommodate three groups at the same time, easy to leak, poor safety; Without access to records; Only one-way control. Order the keyboard type advantage is easy to operate, no need to carry CARDS, a bit higher safety factor. Defect is password easy to leak, security is not high; Without access to records; Only one-way control. The high cost. 2, card recognition by read card or card and password to identify access permissions, according to the card type is divided into: magnetic card and rf card. Advantage card has lower cost; One man, one card, security, may microcomputer, have to open the door. The disadvantage is that card equipment wear and tear, life is short; Card is easy to copy; Not easy two-way control; Card information by external magnetic field loss, easy to make the card is invalid. Contactless rf card advantage card, equipment, convenient to open the door security; Life is long, the theoretical data for at least ten years; High safety, can the microcomputer, has opened the door to record; Can realize two-way control. CARDS are difficult to copy. The disadvantage is that the high cost. 3, biological recognition through the biological characteristics of the method to identify inspection personnel. A fingerprint, iris, face recognition model. Advantage: from the perspective of identification for security is very good; Do not need to carry the card. Disadvantages: high cost. High recognition rate is not high, the environmental requirements of the consumer demand is high, use not convenient. It is worth noting that the average person believes biometric access system is safe, in fact this is a misunderstanding, entrance guard system safety is not only the security of recognition, also includes part of the safety control system, the safety of the software system, the safety of the communication system, power system security of the whole system as a whole, which do not pass, the whole system is not safe. Some fingerprint entrance guard system, for example, its controller and fingerprint identification devices are one and the same, want to install outdoors when installation, so that control lock switch line of Lou in the outside, it is easy to open. According to the principle of classification of design 1. Controller built-in card reader the defects of this design is the controller should be installed outside the door, so part of the line of control must be dew outside the door, starters, without CARDS or passwords can easily open the door. 2. Controller with card reader does this kind of system controller installed indoors, only card reader input line dew outside, other all line of indoors, and the card reader is digital signal transmission, therefore, without effective CARDS or passwords no one can enter. Such a system should be the user's preferred.
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