Well-known attendance machine manufacturers recommendation: barrier-free attendance system solutions

by:Keyable     2020-06-25
System is introduced both in enterprises and units need to on-the-job personnel attendance, in the past, the human department attendance is to use paper registration, so the efficiency is low, it is more tedious to operate, has brought the attendance personnel greater statistical difficulties. Follow the development of economy, the need of personnel, Rfid barrier-free attendance system to solve the inefficient, attendance personnel work of complicated issues. This system applies the rfid technology personnel barrier-free automatic attendance management. Personnel are free to carry the attendance card into attendance within the prescribed scope of identification, rfid read-write device to read the card data transmission through the network and storage to industrial, realizes the attendance records showed that broadcasts, storage and download. Attendance system interface technology support distributed deployment plan system features of safety control: based on the scene and safety control, to ensure that the network transmission efficiency and business processing ability. Avoid abnormal attendance: can avoid all kinds of uncertainties caused by abnormal attendance and wage losses. Accuracy: rfid read-write device itself performance is good, no dead Angle.
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