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Village no monitoring binhu district sun xiang arson

by:Keyable     2020-06-24
Recently, the residents have source to our newspaper, lakeshore zone lane two days before the sun set, will be a resident of the car is burnt out. And because there is no monitoring, this set has not been found. Yesterday morning, the reporter understands in an interview. Sun lane, arson case here has a long history, but because of the loss is not large, the residents there would be no alarm. Until recently, this kind of problem is becoming more and more frequent. Violent scene: the car was burned in the morning sun spots full lane is a private not demolition in the south of the sun lane is a few buildings, named sun lane building, burned cars lau will live here. Yesterday morning, reporters came to the scene, been burned-out cars are parked in residential building in the rear, see the car from the passenger side to the rear of the car were to biltong, white car body is particularly marked the rear lamp burning at the worst, taillight covers have been burning through, the bumper of the car, the ground is dry after burn plastic ( As shown in figure) 。 Liu told reporters, when the car outside of the hood, the plastic is the hood after burn. At the time of speculation, the case of police suspect that someone put the cigarette butt on the car tail lights or hood with them aflame. According to liu, the time is on October 11, 2 in the morning, when a resident within the residential building is on the late shift out, she found the car on fire, the residents immediately will wake up the first floor of the residents. As found in a timely manner, the fire is not big, also do not have spread to the whole car, a few people to play together to put the fire out water, but it cannot be erased, the trace of car body which a maintenance cost is high. The reporter understands, sun village old village lane building, no relocation plan, issued a notice modification, however, will be built next year. Inside the village there is no monitoring, so cannot be taken to a fire. Strange repeatedly: arson events occur when a reporter at the scene to understand the situation, the residential building in an aunt pull journalist said to the corner, she suspected the arson case is made of residents in the community, and arson incidents occurred is not the first time. Aunt said, small area at the entrance to a few trash cans has been on fire for many times, the latest in a few days ago, when a car is nearly burned beside the trash can. And trash can also many times at junctions on fire, and the inhabitants of late in the morning to see a guy in the ignition, after the discovery of man left the scene immediately, but because of the bad light, found that residents felt small familiar, but did not recognize who he is. After the loss of one of the biggest is a electric vehicles have been burned, but also because there is no monitoring. Subsequently, the reporter comes to sun lane, on the northern side of residents here is also the occasional fires. A store of aunt sun told reporters that since last year, she placed outside the store's umbrella have been destroyed, even on the book door of the couplet was also had an accident, & other; One day morning, I opened the doors, the head is shua shua soot, found the couplets on the door was burned. ” Sun aunt said she was burned in the impression the already has four or five times, she specially fitted in the doorway in monitoring probe, was captured by her, & other; On October 6, 08 points at 2 o 'clock in the morning, a man came to set fire to the umbrella, fortunately, that day in the rain, the fire quickly destroyed by the rain. ” Aunt sun says, the house is old house, next door are wooden roof, if the fire spreading further consequence is serious. Unfortunately, due to it's dark, there is no clearly photographed echoed the face, can only see a shape of the 30 - year - old man, & other; But should be lived nearby, and occasionally pass by store door, although I don't know but the impression, if encounter should be able to recognize again. ” Man arson after clap bottom, sun aunt immediately report to the police and provides this period of video to the police. In aunt shop across from the sun has set up a residents themselves wooden shack, can see clearly on the outside of wooden shed a charred traces, in some places have even burn through. According to the head of the household, the fire occurred at the end of September, the fire is not big, but also to his heart. According to understand, the original wooden shack is a wood set up the tent, he this year within a wall of the build by laying bricks or stones, also at the wall, to make the fire didn't spread to the house. According to residents, such fires start since last year, but the recent suddenly became more frequent, although did not cause big accidents, but also makes the residents worry unceasingly. At present, the police have investigated the arson. Thus, in the village is necessary to install some video monitor system.
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