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Village install brake machine has a problem, which leads to many residents have been task

by:Keyable     2020-06-24
Citizens ms song a few days ago I moved into a new house, arguably, the mood should be good, but she said, every time go to the village entrance are nervous these days, she is afraid of what? Ms song's new home in nine water east road of a high-end residential area, in order to prevent strangers casually, plot entrance have installed entrance guard system, the owner must swipe to through the gate. Ms song says, however, since she passed one village north, and I didn't dare to go back to 2. After be brake machine task, ms song is the owner of the village said in the group of what had happened to her, the results found himself is not injured, many neighbors, said they have eaten. Install brake machine was designed to ensure the safety of district now what makes you the equivalent of the? In village north, reporter saw gate will open five seconds after the credit card, a delayed a little, people will be blocked outside the gate. And the closed gate of the gap is much smaller than normal brake machine, if do not pay attention to, there is a clip legs. So the security of brake machine equipment, should choose some big manufacturers. Guangzhou guang ze electronic technology co. , LTD. Is a collection research and development, production, sales and service in the integration of innovative science and technology enterprises, independent research and development production & quot; Ce jersey & quot; ,“; CZ' Brand one cartoon series products, products are widely used in the enterprise id, campus id, building one cartoon, scenic spot id application fields such as, the main products include door series, series of check on work attendance, surveillance cameras series, dining room to sell rice series, series of hotel order, brake machine series, etc. We tailor solutions for each customer, for you to solve the problems on management, help you realize the integration of high efficient management; At the same time, we from safety energy saving, save time and effort, the viewpoint of saving resource and avoiding waste of aggravation for you.
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