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Village entrance guard system to do STH without authorization is illegal to copy the entrance card

by:Keyable     2020-06-23
Now many plot have installed entrance guard system, the residents in the community think into village must brush entrance card to get in, can say such a move to let other people in the community, also make the living environment of people to get the security. But recently there are many people reflect, buildings in fact are not safe, because the entrance card can literally copy. Subsequently, Hohhot evening news reporter survey found that on the Internet and some unlock company, as long as dozens of yuan can be literally copied, unlock company do not review the personal information. Many people worry that in the case of entrance card copy casually, buildings will become a decoration. Entrance card really can be replicated & other; Entrance card can literally copy, this is not for the safety of the residents of the community a threat? ” Citizens recently, Mr Sun said in an interview, a few days ago, his wife's entrance card and keys, and he took of his own that set of keys and access card to the village shop to match, only to store owner said, not only can match the key, can reproduce the entrance card. Wife take the duplicated entrance card found when trying to brush, exactly like the entrance card with the original copy, the door will open. Mr. Sun very concern: as a result, the safety of the community will have safeguard? Subsequently, Hohhot evening news reporter from a research site input entrance card copy, immediately appear a lot of entrance card copy information, entrance card can really just copy? Subsequently, Hohhot evening news reporter dialed the telephone one of them. “ What kind of card you want to copy? ” “ Is the sort of circular, blue entrance card, say that is encrypted, we can copy here? ” “ Can, only with the entrance card 100 yuan, because it needs and the computer connection, crack password first to the new card to write again later, so the price will be higher. ” In the subsequent understanding of the process, Hohhot evening news reporter discovery, website not only can find a copy of the entrance card business, and sold the shop entrance guard card replicators. In a shopping website input entrance card replicators, can search to thousands of stores, prices ranging from a few yuan to hundreds of yuan, and a replicator can unlimited replication entrance card. Copy the entrance card it takes only a minute to verify whether the entrance card really can be replicated, Hohhot evening news reporters came to the near guanghua street a shop with car keys, provided by the owner to see the key and entrance card, neither to verify to the identity of the person also have no intention to ask, directly to a device and said, ordinary copy for 50 yuan, 100 yuan of encryption. Hohhot evening news reporter noticed that the shopkeeper took out a palm-sized machine, the machine starts, he to provide IC entrance card into the machine on a brush, press the read, then drew a from a stack of blank IC card, in the same position after a brush, press the next write, according to a new card then copy the success. From start copying to replicate success, just a minute. Subsequently, Hohhot evening news reporter with a new entrance card copy good, came to their village downstairs, found a new entrance card was to open the door. Illegal copy entrance card Hohhot evening news reporters learned that in the current city community common entrance card including ID card, IC card and three kinds of bluetooth card, one of the button type ID card and no encryption IC card is the most easy to copy, because these CARDS intelligent low, more than ten seconds can be copied easily. One is engaged in the electronic information engineering, said Mr. Chen currently use entrance card, ID card is the most easy to be copied, as some blank card producers did not according to the national standards for production. National standards of normal manufacturer production every a ID card must be written to the only physical, can't repeat. But some informal manufacturers blank card doesn't have written to the physical, after entering the market, merchants can at any time & other; Copy & throughout; Write. Entrance card can be easily replicated, copying instrument can easily buy, to copy the card market behavior how should treat? Is it illegal? Yu-mei wang, Beijing lawyer yong-li guo of Hohhot branch office, said the entrance card itself has certain scientific and technological content, the property should belong to the plot property management company, the copy behavior is a kind of illegal behavior, also alleged constitute infringement of intellectual property rights. At the same time, for people to copy the card, the businessman should ask it to provide identity information, if the person is to replicate village entrance card, the hotel room card, etc. , should also be a corresponding certificate shall be drawn to provide property or hotel, cannot ignore a copy, it will cause hidden danger to public safety. Once the safety accidents caused by the copy card, the cardholder and copy to bear the corresponding legal responsibility.
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