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Video surveillance system to fuling district public security to improve security

by:Keyable     2020-06-22
On November 5, at two o 'clock in the morning, fuling stone mouth street central hospital garage, at the junction of three figure slinking around a few motorcycle glance left and right, to discuss something. Soon, three people and leaves riding a motorcycle. In the next nearly an hour, three people appeared in fuling multiple locations at the same time, and from the original & other; No car race & throughout; To become the ride a motorcycle. “ Yes, after verification, they are the motorcycle gang crime. ” On November 7, fuling district public security bureau deputy director hong-bin zhang said, pointing to video playback, & other; However, they didn't know that their every move, have clearly exposed in high-definition surveillance camera, video is we are working at night patrol investigation detachment policeman all-the-way tracking. ” A day at 3 o 'clock in the morning on the night of the last points, three suspects and 3 other companions step in Yang intersection converge. “ They step in Yang road, six men rode for 4 motorcycle & hellip; … ” Figure investigation team through interphone informed the nearby traffic patrol. Then, a police car rushed to step Yang road, let the 6 people panicked, ditch the car and fled. The police will be stolen motorcycle to recover all the night. “ This is our & lsquo; Cat and mouse synchronization & rsquo; Figure operational budgeting model. ” Hong-bin zhang introduces, in recent years, the figure investigation detachment with hd video monitoring system, build & other; Eye & throughout; Patrol team, will probe on guard, the mouse, the whole domain monitoring, intensive ZhaKong, figure collection processing, the combination of budgeting formed & other; I move the enemy, and the enemy let me & throughout; The & other; Cat and mouse synchronization & throughout; Operational mode. We have learned, & other; Cat and mouse synchronization & throughout; Combat mode, has successively 26 assistance of disposal of all kinds of emergencies, conducting investigation detected in 2488 cases, abort 54 criminal gangs. This year 1 - In October, fuling 33 cases of robbing and snatching issued respectively year-on-year decline. 33% and 67. 74%, 110 of the criminal industry fell 35. 4%. “ ‘ Cat and mouse synchronization & rsquo; The requirement for the operational mode, it is our & lsquo; Skynet engineering & rsquo; Construction. ” Fuling district committee, deputy secretary of the Du Qiang introduction, since 2013, built fuling high-definition monitor ir hd speed dome lens 1922, 4 k machine 100 sets, the conduct of more than 4000 social unit installation video camera 2. More than 80000, and realized the township streets, key areas and key parts in the area of video monitoring nodes and images. “ Video images in full service investigation on crime at the same time, also gradually extending comprehensive application, the people's livelihood services to disaster relief, disposal of emergencies, small to help people find lost items, looking for the lost old people and children, effect is very obvious. ” Du Qiang introduction, this year 1 & ndash; In October, fuling has provided the convenient use of video for 1785 times, retrieve lost item 642, retrieve lost children, older people, 109 people. So far, fuling video sharing platform for public security, emergency monitoring, comprehensive law enforcement, the digital urban management, municipal gardens, armed police, fire, and other units to provide video images to share information and preliminary achieved & other; Throughout a building, the whole network, real-time sharing &; The construction and operation mode, and for the public security prevention and control, combat investigation, urban management, emergency rescue and disaster relief, and provides a strong support services to the masses.
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