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Video surveillance camera installation and maintenance

by:Keyable     2021-08-05
Video surveillance camera installation and maintenance Surveillance cameras generally need to work 24 hours a day, so doing the installation and maintenance of the camera can extend the life of the camera and ensure the stability of the camera's image effect. 1. Surveillance camera installation    the greater the demand, but sometimes it is easy for people to ignore some of its installation requirements and skills. Therefore, today we will briefly talk about the precautions for the installation of surveillance cameras.   In many previous articles, we have introduced a lot of precautions for selection, but if we do not pay enough attention to some installation details, it is easy to cause damage to the performance of the camera.   For example, when we are installing a camera responsible for security and environmental monitoring, it is best for us to avoid some complicated light-receiving positions for installation on the premise of meeting the needs. Otherwise, if one of our cameras responsible for public security management has to face the strong light of some vehicles, then we are destined to make the necessary choices between higher wide dynamic effects or blurry images. In the end, it will also cause us some avoidable additional expenses.   Of course, in addition to avoiding the effects of light, some small advantages other than the camera instinct of surveillance cameras can also be fully utilized in our installation options. For some white light cameras that use white lights to complete night vision monitoring, if we place them in some darker but sensitive management areas, then in addition to its white lights to achieve some limited lighting, more Sometimes it will play a deterrent effect on the surroundings because of its obvious lighting equipment, and this deterrence is sometimes more effective than ordinary patrols. However, for some devices with weak light adaptability or without infrared function, we need to place them in a more open and bright environment. In addition to making up for the lack of light processing, it can also avoid strong The adverse effect of the radiation on the equipment.   In addition to the location of the installation, the camera's attitude selection also determines the focus of the camera's performance to a certain extent. 2. Surveillance camera maintenance    Surveillance cameras play the role of eyes in security monitoring. Their use environment is complicated, mostly outdoors and in harsh environments. If they are used and maintained improperly, the speed of camera aging and scrapping will inevitably accelerate. For the unique structure of the network camera, there are the following matters needing attention. 1. Do not disassemble the camera without authorization. Surveillance cameras are usually produced by professional manufacturers with sophisticated structure. There are no parts that can be repaired by the user. If not necessary, do not disassemble the camera at will, do not remove the screws or guards. If there is a malfunction , You should directly contact qualified maintenance personnel or send the camera directly to the maintenance department for repair.  Consequences of blind disassembly: the slightest touch of its internal parts can easily cause damage to the camera, expand the fault, and cause greater losses. Once damaged, the dealer will not provide the warranty. In severe cases, it may cause an electric shock accident, with disastrous consequences.  2. Be careful to use the camera.    Do not use the camera indiscriminately, avoid bumping or vibration. If the camera is used or stored improperly, it will be damaged. Avoid contacting the camera with oil, steam, water, humidity, dust and other substances, and avoid direct contact with water. Do not pull or twist the cable, similar actions may cause damage to the camera. Do not install the camera upside down. For example, the camera is designed to be installed on the ceiling or wall. If it is installed upside down or used on the floor, it will cause the camera to malfunction.  3. When cleaning the camera body, please do not use strong or abrasive cleaners or organic solvents to wipe the camera head. When the camera is dirty, please wipe it with a dry soft cloth. If the dirt is serious, please wipe gently with a neutral detergent. When wiping, be careful not to scratch the round protective cover. Then wipe off the remaining part of the cleaner with a dry cloth. When storing, store the camera in a clean, dry place.  4. Consumables  Parts with contacts, such as the lens drive motor, cooling fan motor, and internal sliding ring will wear out due to long-term use. The above information is organized by Chengdu Monitoring Installation, and the views and opinions of this article have nothing to do with this site.
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