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Video security monitoring system model

by:Keyable     2020-06-22
Video security monitoring system Constitute a pattern according to the purpose, scope of protection, information transmission mode, the different control mode, video security monitoring system can be composed of a variety of patterns. 1, the corresponding simple patterns: simple corresponds to the monitor and camera. 2, the sequential switching mode: video output at least all the way to switch from the video image sequence. 3, matrix switch mode: can either control the keyboard, the arbitrary front-end video input signal switch all the way to any output on the monitor of all the way, and can prepare various sequential switching application. 4, digital video network virtual exchange/switch mode: analog camera to increase the function of digital coding, referred to as network cameras, digital video front end may also be other digital camera. Digital switching transmission network may be Ethernet and DDN, SDH transmission network, etc. Digital coding equipment which has the function of recording DVR can be used or video servers, digital video processing, control and record the measures can be on the front end, transmission and display of any link to implement. Video security monitoring system control part of the control part mainly includes the video switcher, yuntai camera controller, keyboard operation, a set with a variety of communication interface, power supply and control of the console, host monitor tank, system, etc.
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