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Video conference system need to attach importance to the choose and buy of the four important aspects

by:Keyable     2020-06-22
Video conference system and practical does not necessarily mean that works. If we can't according to the characteristics of the equipment, to play the advantages of them to the biggest, in the application of we won't be able to get the ideal result. Therefore, for some of the equipment selected attributes also went need our special attention. So, exactly what kind of equipment in the choice should focus on what aspects? Today let's find out. The most easily neglected problems - - - - - - Interfaces in the selection of equipment, in many times we are easy to neglect, many users might think that. If the function is all ready, or performance enough cash. Interface at best is an intermediate link. Is that the intermediate links, however, if we grasp the bad, sometimes also will become a bottleneck in our transmission path forming. So in the choice, we must pay attention to the types of data transfer port. After all for video conference system, large amount of data information transmission is often some things. For USB port, the biggest characteristic of it is to be well break the image file of the bottleneck of data transmission, makes the computer receives data more quickly, make dynamic video broadcast effect more smooth and fluent. That is to say, on the efficiency of the USB interface than normal traditional round mouth interface is more efficient. Therefore, in order to be able to guarantee the high quality images will not be blocked. USB interface is necessary. The most common concern - - - - - - - System of clarity in the choice of video conference system, the resolution is always our most valued, but when choosing resolution, we should pay attention to what? Whether locking device of imaging resolution, you can determine the display performance of the it? The most important front-end - - - - - - - Monitoring camera actually for resolution, it will be further subdivided into static on aspects of resolution and dynamic resolution, sometimes referred to as the camera resolution and video resolution. On the video conference system configuration, if look from the parameters, the parameters of the camera resolution often slightly higher than the video resolution, of course, this is normal phenomenon in the imaging. But we need to pay attention to that in choosing equipment, pay attention to the labeling of resolution is static or dynamic, at some time, after all, video conference system marked by the aspects are different, and we also should pay more attention to their ways. So as not to bring us unnecessary trouble. And for the resolution of the equipment, now the pursuit of high pixel products seems to have become known way of choice. However, is not only high pixel machine is really good machine? In my opinion is not necessarily so, after all, for clarity, the pixel values, the better resolution images ability also is stronger, its in computer for data processing ability and the demand is higher. If the computer configuration is not high, can cause delay, which affect the transmission of video conference. As a result, the user when the choose and buy products comprehensive consideration should be its own equipment, do not blindly chasing trends. For video conference system, image imaging quality and the performance of the front camera is also closely related. And to say where the camera is the most important, I'm afraid I must belong to the lens. As a result, the grasp of the lens is also very important. At present, the video conference camera sensor on the market can be divided into the CCD and CMOS. CMOS has the advantage of manufacturing cost was lower than those of CCD, the power consumption is much lower, but the technology is not yet mature, has not been a wide range of applications, but much of the personage inside course of study thinks the trend for the future. At present, a lot of the size of the CCD component for a third of an inch or 1/4 ', under the same resolution, choose element size should be larger as well. Due to the analog camera video streaming effect compared with CCD camera there is a big gap, so the user when the choose and buy do not covet is cheap choose analog camera, used to buy things without a loss. Transmitting end - the most vulnerable - - - - - - Network bandwidth for a long time, the network bandwidth is where network video equipment the most headaches. Many of the high quality of signal transmission is discounted because of the network transmission to the limit. Therefore, we call it the most & quot; Fragile & quot; The transmitting end. Although the current hd has become the main point of competition video conference, but if from the daily show or product introduction we will find that, now most of the video conference system still is based on the application of the local area network (LAN). And what this means is that if we want to undertake large-scale span application, we set up the network system can support us the required bandwidth capacity, is a very concern. If we are to achieve high-resolution, only configuration high-definition cameras and hd the reality of the terminal is not enough, and if the bandwidth is not enough to support high-definition transmission, can appear lost package phenomenon, affect the meeting result. High definition or standard definition, therefore, we still need to be based on the transmission bandwidth of the process of our strengths. The emergence of video conference say that brings us a very wide range of convenience, but because of the technology itself is still in a stage of development, so we also want to have a lot of aspects need to pay attention to, for us to heal and even to avoid a lot of defects. If the blind pursuit of high quality high performance, under the current reality, I'm afraid some time not only to get the desired effect, but also will bring us more trouble and obstacles.
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