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Version of science fiction movies? This target cloud brush door face of new experiences

by:Keyable     2020-06-23
The scenes in the American sci-fi always let people yearning, and itching, efforts are implemented in reality. Such as the early years of biometric technologies such as fingerprint, iris, face, already widespread application. Several of the latest sci-fi extravaganza, the use of science and technology and further upgrade. Voice, gait identification, anyhow is more and more advanced. To do so much, the purpose is the same & ndash; — Licensed person into the corresponding areas, and shouldn't stop to enter. This is not only the military classified institutions such as demand, also is the demand of millions of private enterprises. And instead of private enterprises to realize this goal more difficult. Do not believe, we went to see a look, now the company's door is open? Whether or not just lunch break, have sales people in the office? “ Please close the door after & throughout; “ Sales people no admittance & throughout; Such notices in the office with the hand can be added. It is enough, & other; Close the door & throughout; How important a thing it is. But bad enterprise's door is closed. First of all, most companies are currently installed entrance guard system, do not brush work card cannot enter, but a lot of people didn't have the habit of take work card, went out with the door open, after the discrepancy are difficult to & other employees; Close the door after & throughout; . So we have to settle & other; The charge of the need & throughout; This problem; Second, we must also can certification staff identity, fingerprint, iris, face, voice, gait, can come in handy. Considering this is the enterprise office, but is not a science fiction blockbuster, the most stable, the method to realize the best or fingerprint and face. The first pain points to this can be perfectly solved. Corporate & other; Pull the door & throughout; The second spot is, & other; A lazy person & throughout; Will always exist, fingerprint and face all people who do not brush can also. How to do? We need a reminder that, if the door open, the administrator will be closed to the alarm. Which is the core of cloud entrance guard. At home, this goal and the hanwang and really two hardware companies cooperation, by providing cloud platform to realize this goal without purchasing, the deployment server, upgrade automatic no match for the IT staff regular maintenance of cloud access control solution. After deployment, the enterprise to meet employee access to forget to close the door, the administrator can receive alert; And open the door, switch state can be on the phone to see; Beyond the office entrance guard information can also be automatic synchronization; If the boss is on a business trip, but also can be authorized employees into the office by phone. It can be said that this target cloud entrance guard system truly to reassure the boss, make management, in and out of the heart.
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