Under the trend of Internet entrance guard company should go in guangzhou

by:Keyable     2020-06-18
In the security industry, a gateway control system is the security, the first gate, which include the common dalian entrance guard company entrance guard card and car park management. Control of inward and outward in July in the thousands of brand lab each brand on the monitoring results of entrance guard system and parking lot system, the total average growth reached 2% and 3% respectively, the result looks good. Brand, access control, parking systems result luffing situation but look 5 & ndash; July monitoring results, the gateway control brand ranking existence of minor fluctuations, only the first two kept stable, it can vaguely see the situation of each enterprise to you is not calm. In recent years, Internet companies made a lot of crossover is a hot topic, the security companies continuously extended their product line and cover areas, relatively closed pattern of traditional security market to gradually open, the wind blowing into the various systems of the security, entrance guard system and parking lots management is also affected by this. Guangzhou entrance guard company product system to integrated all rivers run into sea, tolerance is a great, whether products or its own development path, should tap the potential demand as much as possible, is likely to boost a new leap forward. In addition to building intercom, entrance guard system and video monitoring, fire alarm and linkage up gradually, well reflects the security integration trend. Guangzhou entrance guard system information in 5 & ndash; In July has ranked the top of the entrance guard system as the stability of the access control software and can be integrated more and more high, the future of the entrance guard system will be a comprehensive control security platform, as of 32-bit two-door is an entrance guard controller can conduct fire control linkage of the product. Facing the security in the period of change and transformation, compaction is made from the entrance guard one cartoon, gateway city smart card IC card and wisdom of phased strategy, keep up with the Internet tide, introducing WeChat, pay treasure, such as multi-purpose card payment method, from the demand to promote enterprise change. Parking lot operation mode diversification for the parking area, in the second half of the warming trend and accelerate the industry competition. As the future development direction in the field of transportation, intelligence traffic has become the area just around the corner, intelligent parking lot as a reasonable divert an intelligent application, nature has given rise to the different mode of enterprise competition. The wisdom parking project are divided into three categories: one is the gateway to send, pattern characteristic for & other The APP + gate device, electronic payment & throughout; , company representatives have ETCP; The second is to lock, pattern characteristic for & other The APP + + intelligently lock online payment & throughout; , the enterprise on behalf of tintin parking; A third is big customer, pattern characteristic for & other; WeChat + years accumulated resources throughout & B end; , the suitable technology, extension, and other enterprises belong to the third kind. In the great role of the Internet, dalian entrance guard company broke the closed enclosure, you can see from the above example, entrance guard or parking lot, they all use the APP, WeChat, such as the product of the mobile Internet, or from the perspective of the O2O make parking service platform, or from one card to pay gradually extended to the wisdom city in other applications, this kind of means already became a plunder a key.
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