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Types of Car Park Management System

by:Keyable     2020-06-05
Spit ticket-based parking management system Easy parking control machines, available offline, stored record 170 000, power to protect high-speed flash memory design and never lose information, built-in 10cm card reader system, IC / ID is optional. Support RS485 communication, stability, communication distance of up to 1,000 meters, professionally designed chassis, the use of cold-rolled galvanized steel shell, the surface electrostatic powder coating, waterproof, rust, outdoor long-term use is not paint, do not fade, modular, user-friendly design, simple installation, easy maintenance, training. Simple Intelligent Parking Management System In the control unit from the car park to prevent the export or import, the vehicle mainly for internal management. Reads the ID card (Boca reading distance of about 35cm, ID thick card reader distance of about 45cm, in reading the ROC-PE50 from the special card reader from the 50-60cm), available offline normal use. Product features: a computer through RS485 communication, data transmission and control role. Control: automatic barrier and connected to the control barrier gate. Card Reader Function: read proximity cards and control the validity of the card, release the vehicle or mechanism for admission. Storage function: offline store 170,000 records; power to protect high-speed cache design, and never lost. Can be an external reader device: external remote reader device, a fixed distance of parked vehicles optional card reader. Standard Parking Smart Management System 'Standard' is a popular saying, customer demand is characterized by both fixed vehicle parking, temporary vehicle parked there, according to the time of vehicle parking, vehicle fees, etc., temporary vehicle automatic access card, usually in the export charges . Standard Parking Management System composed of the basic bit computer. Access control machine, export controls, automatic barrier, vehicle detector, a sense coil, communication converter, parking software, card dispenser, card. If you need the image contrast function, the first camera, image capture card. If you wish to use long-distance fixed-vehicle card reader, optional in the distance from the reader or card reader can read 30-80CM ,3-6M ,5-25M and so on. Can be slow at the entrance to the matching screen, ready to enter the parking of vehicles on the parking lot is already full of tips bit. Chinentech auto door limited is one of leading manufacturer, Company in China, who professionally in automatic door operator,system, automatic door opener, automatic door operator. Such as automatic sliding door, automatic swing door etc.
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