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Tripod Turnstile Gate Entrance Barrier Access KS1436

Tripod Turnstile Gate Entrance Barrier Access KS1436

Material: 304 stainless steel

Dimension: 1200(L)*280(W)*980(L)mm

Protection: Ip54

Power input: 110V~240V

Working temperature: -10°C~70°C

Working humidity: <95%, no condensation

Working voltage: DC24V

Arm length: 500mm

Channel width: 550~600mm

Pass rate: 35 people/minute in RFID reading mode

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KS1436 is an superior ticketing tripod turnstile, has a wider space for display of the display, RFID card reader and qr code reader install together, suitable for scenic ticket management.


The chassis of KS1436 support option 3 types of driving mode:Semi-auto electromagnetic drive mechanism; semi-auto electromagnetic drive mechanism with hydraulic buffer; full-auto motor drive mode. 

Recommend use the full auto motor drive mode, with motor driving, you can read the status of the motor status, and control the motor driving speed, and unlock by SDK.

Chassis is stamped and formed by high-quality 304 stainless steel plate, rust-proof and resistant to external damage.It with waterproof and dust-proof design, which can be installed indoor and outdoor. Top cover with double layer design, the first layer is with SUS 304 design, reader area can be installed terminal as customer required. Second floor is galvanized with color printing, and with the flowing LED light, the light status is depend on the gates status.


ESD tester  and other reading method integrated


The flap barrier gate is an intelligent control device for the entrance and exit of the pedestrian passage.


◆ Start up self-test function, automatic recovery in locked state.
◆ Direction adjustable, one-way pass, bi-direction pass.
◆ Channel free pass in emergency situation.
◆ Reserved standard IO interface for third-party access control system.
◆ LED indication to prompt passway status.
◆ Gate auto lock after people swipe card and not pass. 


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