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To improve the security of entrance guard way brake system to ensure that the community

by:Keyable     2020-06-18
In order to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the broad masses of the owner, to improve the quality of property services, jinan branch mingde downtown Cambridge in h city management under the consent of more than 90% of the owner, at the end of last year to retrofit buildings brake system, village north and south sides with door to door, replacement of license plate recognition way brake system, the implementation of closed-end management. New system after more than a month's trial, effect, showing the past foreign personnel and vehicle freely in and out of the situation of the community got very big difference. Intelligent management for the community order, can not only improve the efficiency of the vehicle parking and management, and guarantee the safety of pedestrians travel, the safety factor of residential living environment have been greatly improved. Because of the brake system replacement for license plate recognition system, the implementation of a parking space in a car system, changed the part owner in the past some bad habits, the introduction of the new system is also rejected by some of the owners. In the brake on the implementation of more than a month, the security staff many times through part owner of verbal abuse or even physical conflict, in the face of the censure of owner, the security guard can calm processing, patient explanation, embodies the good professional quality. With the owner's understanding and support, the district main road, fire escape and underground garage vehicles disorderly parking place situation get improved markedly, with entrance guard bluetooth card together with the owner required to in and out of the village, effectively curb such as sending out small ads, door-to-door, nearby district personnel since the village traveling and so on. Not only improve the grade of the residential property services, and to enhance the administration to protect the personal safety and property of owner. Cambridge h city management office will continue to strive to improve the satisfaction of owner, let owner travel more convenient, safer, for the overwhelming majority of owners to provide good livable living space.
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