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Ticket gate three roll brake maintenance steps

by:Keyable     2020-06-16
Ticket gate machines, three roller brake is suitable for the need orderly pedestrians pass all kinds of public places, such as metro, BRT, gymnasium, port, need to recount the place such as office, community, etc. , due to the three roller gates workload is big, so the maintenance of the three roll gate also to be reckoned with, let below small make up to introduce to you how to maintenance and maintenance of the three roll gate? Specific content as follows: a, three roll gate machine maintenance order: 1, three roller brake external maintenance: 1) About once a week for three roll gate appearance clean, remove rust stain point, with a soft cloth and fossil powder will case looks polished and coated with anti-rust oil, avoid touching with the hand, otherwise it will damage the effect of surface rust; 2) Appearance without spray, dust wipe away the appearance, have visible scratches, it is ok to fill with the same color paint; 3) Three roll brake set screw and turn loose and tighten rod; 2, three roller brake internal maintenance: 1) Check the electric control part if there is a problem; 2) Check the power supply for the leakage to bandage, wire and arrange them. 3) Check whether there is wire aging, the mechanical structure of internal lubrication, come on. Two, three roll gate machine maintenance steps: 1. Check the fixed condition of three roll gate machine screw, such as to loosen all fastening screws; 2. Check inside three roller gates, dust and other dirt cleaning and lubrication; 3. Mobile electromagnet iron core of the event, check the three roll brake lever, view the flexibility, and make the necessary lubrication and maintenance; 4. With a clean brush pen, will be cleaning the dust on the circuit board. Three, three roll gate machine maintenance notice: 1. Every time when maintenance work must be in place and comprehensive; 2. To keep the good environment of the three roll gate and working condition. 3. Circuit board parts shall not wash with water, and strictly avoid short-circuit condition; 4. Rotating parts, contact friction parts must be lubrication;
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