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Ticket gate machines combined with entrance guard system has become an important option for the modern port management

by:Keyable     2020-06-16
Nowadays with the rapid development of Internet software and hardware technology, industrial and scientific applications require channel gating system in the real-time record bans stay at one place in the number of accurate, at the same time can channel gate ban system via Ethernet to the scene, the number of the work completed a counting device based on embedded network technology, the counting device can real-time display at the scene and entrance guard control center via Ethernet to the number of people in a public places. Channel brake with its beautiful appearance, for bring grave feeling to the person, reason often used in government units. The ticket gate. Nowadays with the development of science and technology, the channel brake can also be for face recognition, so as to decide whether to let a person to traffic. Channel gate face recognition is considered to be a biometric identification field even one of the most difficult research topic in artificial intelligence field. The difficulty of face recognition is mainly the face as the characteristics of biological characteristics. Face on the vision characteristic is: first, the difference between different individuals, all the face of the structure are similar, and even the structure of the facial organs are similar shape. This is good for use of the characteristics of face to locate, channel brake system can be through the increase in the all-round development; Second, the shape of the face is very unstable, people can through facial expression changes a lot, but in different observation Angle, face the visual images also vary widely, in addition, face recognition has light conditions ( Day and night, for example, indoor and outdoor, etc. ) , face a lot of cover ( Such as face masks, glasses, hair, beard, etc. ) , the influence of various factors such as age. Channel brake facial recognition technology can eliminate the difficulties one by one, the use of so as to achieve the ideal effect. Ticket system. Now channel brake face recognition technology is more and more mature and development prospects of domestic at present in the aspect of application, also spread quickly. Channel brake combined with IC card read and write device constituted intelligent channel sluice integrated management system, can realize the entrance guard and attendance, charges, etc. We can usually set up a set of channels in the entrance to a large meeting place brake, can facilitate the attendees at check-in, meeting management statistics and query; To effectively control and manage the personnel provides easy access and the attendance of the solution. Also gently that rejects the admission of the participants, safeguard the order of the meeting. Greatly relieves the workload meeting service personnel, greatly enhancing the working efficiency of the exhibition.
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