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Ticket gate & amp; # 8203; Intelligent channel system standardized internal management system

by:Keyable     2020-06-20
Ticket gate wit can channel system can set up the company, or authority office building image standardization management, improve the management level, at the same time, standardization of internal management system. Three roller gates, swing gate, mainly through wing gate entrance guard system to control the corresponding channel hardware, to control the permissions of the passage, people can realize the entrance guard, at the same time attendance, current limiting, fees, etc. Three roller gates, swing gate, the wing brake used in personnel, entry control is required, such as the dining hall, hotel, museum, gym, club, subway, station, wharf and other places. If staff induction card lost can immediately report the loss in the system, so that even if someone else picked up the induction card can enter the company. To resign or fire, leave the staff induction card with the method of disabled, the employee can enter your office later. An induction card can replace all the door keys, and have different permissions. All the in and out of the situation is recorded in the computer, easy for specific time things happen for a query, the implementation of the responsibility. Can will be shut out of the unpopular men, for example, can put an end to pyramid schemes, insurance industry such as salesman in the case of unauthorized trespassing in your factory, office, interfere with your normal work order. Peer competitors not easily into your factory, inspect your core technology projects.
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