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Through the test in the early jiangbei integrated video surveillance system project

by:Keyable     2020-06-16
The construction of integrated video surveillance system is the implementation of jiangbei & other; Throughout the city & wisdom; Construction of important carrier, recently, jiangbei video monitoring service project acceptance of the meeting, the participating experts and relevant units to review the project information and question, finally agreed to by early check in the project. At present, 1174 high-definition cameras have been staging, stay after final inspection by project, 1212 high-definition cameras can all online. , after the completion of the project will further improve the dynamic management of social security mechanism, strengthen public security prevention and control comprehensive ability, promoting regional harmonious development. Learned, our video monitoring system construction began in 2001, after years of construction, a total of nearly 2000 integrated video monitoring system in this district, the original video monitoring basic covers the main village, public places, such as important crossroads video monitoring sites in key areas, but the comprehensive development of our video monitor system has no unified standard, outdated equipment, lack of management, image resolution is not high. To solve the outstanding problems existing in the operation of system construction, area via letter bureau to strengthen public security, urban management, water conservancy, transportation, and land departments coordination communication, video monitoring system of technical standards, hard resources sharing agreement. Last October, jiangbei video monitoring system project construction service, involved 1212 high-definition cameras, in the new 1212 digital high-definition monitor point and supporting facilities, to speed up the monitoring center for digital upgrade, establish comprehensive video monitoring platform, for the relevant units to use. This project in the new 1212 high-definition cameras and video resources sharing platform, will also be in hong tong station, baisha station, construction of yong river police station three supporting data center, through transmission bearing network guarantee three data center connectivity. It is understood that the project construction began in October last year, has lasted for about a year, completed the front point construction, Internet access system, transmitting system, cloud storage system, and complete the public security video monitoring system, intelligent video analysis application platform, the construction of the district government resources sharing platform, and a few center room upgrade. It is worth mentioning that the latest implementation of jiangbei integrated video monitoring system project constructed parts adopt the BLT mode, namely build private public & other; Construction of a lease transfer & throughout; Model, projects all the money spent by private investors, after completion of the construction of the lease to the management and administration of the government, the government paid to private investors is equal to the annual rental return, end of the lease term, the whole project completely owned by the government. BLT mode can reduce the pressure on finance and meet the rapid economic development caused by the huge demand for urban infrastructure construction, at the same time to absorb the inflation factor of urban investment and construction costs.
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