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Three roll gate will not be able to read card common approach in the method

by:Keyable     2020-06-19
Three roller gates as common channel brake equipment, its in use process sometimes appear some failures are inevitable, such as card read properly, after power on the direction indicator no display, etc. The occurrence of these failures so how do we solve, below small make up for the three roller gates can't normal reading card likely scenario and processing method, for your reference! Three roll brake application three roller gates can't read the card normally, the fault may be read card equipment to the main controller of the brake loose connection with loose or situation. Specific as follows: first, three roller gates can't normal read card the fault mainly card equipment to the connection between the master controller has a loose or read card equipment damage. Read card, two, three roller gates can be continuously by many people. For the failure is mainly caused by the following several kinds of reasons: 1, the user is reading card system output to the gate of the host controller signal is not stable, Have a shake, such as relay output type, speaking, reading and writing system) Work, and brake machine reading card memory mode ( P08 = 0) 。 To rule out the fault can adopt the following methods: a: the brake machine work mode switch to without memory card reader to the mode, the specific methods refer to the company three roller gates using manual appendix part; B: read card system output signal plus time delay shake elimination circuit; 2, positioning arm of failure or reset tension spring tension is not enough, lead to reliable positioning arm can't reset lock. Three, three roller brake on electricity or in use process, brake lever can't reliable locking. Cause the fault mainly by rod off solenoid damage may also be a loose bolt, connection, or shown above shrapnel fracture. After read the cartoon, four, three roll gate unlock passable phenomenon in another direction. The failure is mainly caused by locked photoelectric switch damage or loose connection. When replacing the photoelectric switch to replace and add, unlock photoelectric switch working condition for inspection. After five, three roller brake replacement card reader equipment, read card, normal direction instructions to allow passage of state, but is impassable. For the fault, mainly caused by the following reasons: a: fracture - synchronous toothed belt - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - With models: 222 - 3M- Six synchronous toothed belt replacement of fracture type synchronous toothed belt; B: three roll gate 5 a insurance tube damage on master control board; C: motor damage or loose connection, when the motor damage change, before the equipment in use, must inspect the motor running direction. D: three roll brake master control board damaged. Is more than three roll brake in the process of using common failures and troubleshooting methods, when troubleshooting and processing, work should be handled by professionals.
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