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Three roll gate practical features is introduced

by:Keyable     2020-06-21
A lot of entrance guard gate for customers are relatively unfamiliar. In all of the entrance guard brake machine, three roller gates, is the most widely used. Attention is also the most by the customer. Three roller gates, after all, has a good security effect and efficiency of traffic. Today, in view of the three roll gate entrance guard gate, we came through the suzhou empty technicians understand the technology, it's exactly what are the practical technology. Hope to be able to help you. Three roll brake the practical features of introduction? 1, unique transmission function; Three roller gates using a unique transmission system, has more flexibility and convenience in use; 2, adopting information technology; Three roller gates's built-in equipment adopt intelligent information programming technology, combining with safety protection measures, more humanized design concept, are three roll brake use a lot of factors. 3, three roll brake safety protection of high strength; Three roll gate window USES toughened glass, systems and control, reduce the traffic was too much harm. 4, work mode of alternative; Three roller gates can effectively through the software to set up the adjustment of the work patterns and validation, also can use many kinds of mode combination, more versatility. 5, in operation, reduce the magnetic field around the pressure; Three roller gates at run time, the noise is small, more has the extremely effective role, to help the environment reduces the harm produced by magnetic compression.
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