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Three roll brake maintenance method

by:Keyable     2020-06-21
Now on the market, there are a lot of entrance guard brake machine, and for the customer, to choose a suitable own entrance guard gate, is extremely important. At present, the most popular with the customers is the three roll gate. And three roller gates, in normal times, many applications, and installed in the open cases, 24 hours a day are running. Therefore, the necessary maintenance is necessary. Today, we take a look at, what are the three roll gate entrance guard brake machine maintenance method. The maintenance method of a three roll gate, three roll gate machine maintenance content: 1. Shell cleaning, rotary table and turn lever of rust removal; 2. Set screw and turn loose check and tighten rod; 3. Lubrication of internal mechanical structure, gas; 4. Electromagnet, close to switch, check; 5. PCB inspection of dust. Two, three roller brake machine maintenance methods: 1. Screw fastening: check all the fixed screw, see whether there is loose phenomenon, for all screw fastening, avoid loose; 2. Cleaning, lubrication, check whether the brake machine internal is clean, clear the dust and other dirt. Check whether activity part hair acerbity, necessary lubrication and maintenance. 3. Turn bar check: mobile electromagnet iron core, rotating rod, see if rotating flexible, if there is a loose screw. 4. Proximity switch check: rotating rod, can check the limit switch normal switch, and turn and off the rod rotation Angle is reasonable. If limit switch can't normal switch or rotation Angle is unreasonable, please. 5. Circuit board cleaning: with a clean brush, sweep the dust on the circuit board and clean. Three, three roll gate machine maintenance note 1. The required maintenance work should be carried out on schedule, quality, on time; 2. Every time when maintenance work must be in place and comprehensive; 3. All screws must be one by one, fastening, strict inspection, shall not be omitted; 4. Rotating parts, contact friction parts must be lubrication; 5. Do not water cleaning circuit part, strictly avoid short-circuit phenomenon; 6. Keep equipment in good environment and working condition.
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