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Three men destroy the village entrance guard system was criminal detention

by:Keyable     2020-06-20
A district public security environment is complex, busy facilities installed entrance guard system could provide security, but the three men installed entrance guard system failed. Recently, the three men on suspicion of stir-up-trouble by criminal detention. Zhuhai gongbei police bulletin, city garden lived more than 6475 people, rental housing 615 sets, the security is more complicated. Last October, at the request of the village part owner and relevant government departments, supported by community content canal installed entrance guard system. But the community also has more than 20 owners opponents, including rental agent, has the original course of individual members. O a kang, loose Wang Mou and Liang Mou belong to city garden installed entrance guard system three opponents. They think village installed entrance guard system for the rental lease inconvenience, incite a rental a few owners, together against the village entrance guard system installation. On January 6 in the morning, more than 20 owners gathered in front of the village buildings with 6 5, Europe a kang, Wang Mou pine and Liang Mou, three biggest with a hammer in gongbei city garden district 5, 6, entrance guard system, building malicious smashed. That night in the village more than other building entrance guard system also were broken. On January 30th, the zhuhai gongbei police will the above three people catch. At present, three people on suspicion of creating disturbance has been gongbei police criminal detention.
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